Happy Veterans Day!

November 11th, 2017 is Veterans Day in the United States honoring all of our Veterans past and present.

It is celebrated in other countries as the official end of World War 1.

Thank you to all who served and sacrificed in the Unites States Armed Forces!!!

Our Nation owes you and your family a debt of gratitude.

United States Marine Corps Veteran






The majority of people are obedient to authority whether the authority is morally right or wrong. Most people will be obedient even knowing they are acting immorally. The Milgram studies examined this behavior after WWII because of the conduct of German soldiers committing immoral acts and acts they recognized as immoral yet proceeded to obey.

Yes. We take orders and/or people die. It’s as simple as that…

"To Commemorate Those in the Service of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company Who at the Call of King and Country, Left All That Was Dear to Them, Endured Hardship, Faced Danger and Finally Passed Out of Sight of Men by the Path of Duty and Self Sacrifice, Giving Up Their Own Lives That Others May Live in Freedom. Let Those Who Come After See to It That Their Names Are Not Forgotten. / 1914–1918 1939–1945


Good morning and Happy Veterans Day to all who served !!!

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Following orders does not change the morality of ones actions. Nor does legality make an action moral as we can attest to with slavery at one time being legal. Moral law is a conclusion of reasoning. The moral law is not “thou shalt not kill” but to respect human live since one would be expected to defend their own life by killing if necessary.

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This is a Happy Veterans Day Thread.

Please respect that ! Or at least respect those that served and sacrificed…

This is not the place to talk about morality or slavery issues.

Thank you.

Then why exactly is this the place to celebrate Veterans?

Here is what the Constitution says about having an Army: Article 1 section 8
To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

I wonder why our Founding Fathers included this provision of a two year limit?

Thank you, Eddie, for this question.

I think this is a legitimate question. Indeed, if I am reading between the lines correctly, it may also be saying, “if this is a forum for a poker site why is it that so many subjects are not even closely related to poker?” Included, of course, is Veterans Day.

But there are many more subjects that have little or nothing to do with poker. Aside from Veterans Day, we have subjects on What are you listening to now?, The NFL Thread, Daily Quotes, Happy Birthday Marines!, and Thought of the Day, all active in November, and we aren’t even half way through the month yet. More, my guess there are many more non-poker subjects going back through the years. But I agree Eddie, there is too much about the mundane, and not enough about poker.

The joke thread is an example of how bad it could get. But will we soon be reading about “the cars that we drive,” “how to fix transmissions in a 1965 Pontiac,” “who our favorite teacher was in grade school,” “I don’t miss my brother, and here’s why,” and a miriad of other subjects?

Look, to be honest I am not trying to make a case for subject control. I don’t want to do that.

But what I think should be done is to limit how many messages any of us should be allowed to write. The need to create a post to say “ha, ha, ha” likely would not be written so freely if the writer knew you could only post twenty-one posts a week, certainly a fair limit for even the biggest jabber jaws amongst us.

My bottom line is I even write too much and I am trying not to do so. Frankly, I don’t get the sense that others will minimize their writings voluntarily. What I am saying is if there was a limit on how many posts you can send in, it will do a few things. It will clear up the seemingly hundreds of messages a day we are receiving. It will create a need by the writers to be more selective in what they want discussed. It will encourage more people with more views on each subject to not feel bad about speaking up, as they will know their words will be read and considered.

I think it is time to reign in on the amount of posts allowed, and while at it try to create some criteria for subject matter.


I like the idea of limiting posts but strongly disagree with limiting content. Personally, I find poker talk boring… I like the different topics of the forum but dislike the " too funny ha ha ha" posts. If i see too many of them it just ruins the whole forum experience. I also dislike someone trying to steer the direction of peoples responses. Let people be themselves.

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There is an Off Topic category ( we are on it now ) for a reason , for people to post whatever subject they want .This is a Community Forum for the people here to discuss what interests them, people want to talk on “The NFL Thread” who cares , I hate football so I skip past it .
If you don’t want to read about unrelated poker things , easy peasy just don’t don’t go to that thread.

Really ? Hundreds ? If you click on Tracking you will see a number count of new replies because you posted a reply on the subject… no emails.

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Well said Sharon!!! So much negativity from this gang on a Veterans Day Thread in ( off topic ).

Wow, just wow…

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Actually Craig, it was not well said since my focus was on limiting the amount of posts that people write. I also don’t think Sharon understands that many people don’t actually go to the forum but instead get the messages on email.

And speaking about your statement “so much negativity from this gang”, what is negative about trying to improve the experience of the forum.? More, do you feel ganged up upon? To be gut honest, if anything, I feel ganged up upon from the sheer quantity of the posts you write. Indeed, I sometimes feel like it’s the Craig Anthony and friends forum!


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Your posting in a Happy Veterans Day Thread. OMG ! What a slap in the face to all Veterans from you and your gang.

If you don’t like the thread topic you people, don’t post.

It’s really that simple. Paul aka MrReplay started the forum , set the guidelines and Staff enforces it.

Please stop crapping on this thread.

Did you people ever stop to think that you are here because millions and millions of veterans all over the world provided you with the very blanket of protection you sleep under.

Please give us just one day a year, please have a heart :heart:

Oh, I understand quite well , because I don’t gets hundreds of emails a day with comments from the forums …change how you are seeing posts from Watching to Tracking…
Not going to argue about this with you Scratch but don’t assume what I do or don’t understand.I really don’t get the big deal about what people post in "Off Topic " . What exactly should be allowed to be posted there?What topics would you be ok with ?

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Please stop over reacting; ala, “crapping on the thread.” Indeed, that a person doesn’t wave a flag and say Semer Fi has no bearing on how patriotic he or she may be. I’m not particularly proud I was in the US Marines during the Vietnam era. I have an Honorable Discharge under medical conditions according to me DD214. My dearest friend isn’t proud either and he was in numerous fire fights. I lost close friends in Vietnam and half my battalion is on the wall.

I am not here because veterans all over the world provided me with a “blanket of protection.” I’m here because I have survived and you had nothing to do with it.


My post was not about subjects of posts as much it was the amount of posts. You know that. Even now I have written too much. You have written too much. Craig writes way too many posts. All in my humble opinion.


Now I get why all the negativity towards the Marine Corps and Veterans that came before and after you.