Happy memorial day to all, especially all veterans on this happy,sad ,reminding day. Thanks for your service and god bless all who gave all!

thank you for your servive to alll that gave all.

THANKS. I’m a Veteran.

As a Veteran I thank you for thanking me. There is a bond between vets that is hard to describe. The American Flag becomes something very special that can evoke massive emotion and the respect I have for my fellow Veterans is without equal. I thank all my brothers and those who appreciate us.

I am kind of surprised that replay is not having any special Memorial day tournaments…or something along those lines …I thank you all who have volunteered their lives …100,000’s of thousands who have made the Ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom!! We are lucky and blessed to live in the United States of America !! Freedom is not free !!

Thank you for your service !

Thank you for your service !

Becouse business not good involved with any politics… Also, you may aware not only USA have freedom days… Thats why no HU 1848 Freedom Revolution War Memorial or HU 1956 Freedom Revolution War Memorial and so on for other countrys big days… Would be any day some Memorial day, sometime for both sides… Would be a disaster start that road.

Also Same with valentin day… how many single came to play and face to a slap again they are alone? Same with Christmas, as no Hanuka? New year? how about Chinese pp? Father days? How many abuse children get a bad feeling when they see “happy fathers day” and so on…

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I correct myself, known to me this days, I thought is clear to all.

Also I think some existing special days should cancelled. Pls dont compare Mother Day to Memorial days, they are different, one may ok, but other not.

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Think I better have another cup of coffee

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Why are there no Memorial Day specials?. Seems to me this day deserves the same or more respect than any holiday. Freedom is not free.

Memorial Day is a significant day in the US calendar, remembering the men and women who died while serving for their country, and the vast majority of our players are from the US so it’s a natural day to mark the occasion. Even though the holiday is US specific, I think we could all benefit from stopping and giving some thought to the serviceman and women who die serving their countries across the world, wherever they might be.

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agreed but on replay it needs to be inernational