Typical learning curve

A question for those that have been here awhile. I have been on here about three weeks and played stud quite a bit 30 years ago but not recently. I never bought chips and in three weeks I have won about 100K and am rated 37,000. I have placed second and third twice in tournaments out of 12 entered averaging 120 players. Is this about average improvement ?


I think so.

I would caution you not to equate winnings with learning curve. Have you actually learned anything in the course of accumulating those winnings? Or have you simply played a good enough game to win that many chips without necessarily learning anything new?

Chip winnings can be a useful approximation for how well you’re doing, which can be a useful approximation for how you’re learning, but it’s a tenuous relationship.

Bad play can get very lucky and win a lot of chips while learning all the wrong lessons.

You can also win a lot of chips by beating up on really bad players.

You can lose chips playing against players who are better than you are, while learning a lot about how to play them.

And you can learn a lot by trying different strategies and finding out things that don’t work, seeing insights that wouldn’t be visible without firsthand experience to see how the strategy plays and how it feels, and learning to think like a player who employs that strategy.

You can also lose chips while you’re figuring out how to incorporate some new tactic into your play, and although you’re losing chips, you’re learning when you do this.


There are lots of things to consider as to how you are advancing. Winning is always better that losing and it is satisfying to continue to improve your game. But always be sure to have fun. Thats the most important thing.

Best Wishes,