Moving on up

Do the tables get really harder with the higher stakes ? Recently i have moved up to the 100/200 games with a 25k buy in and just averaging out fairly even. I have a total of app 8 million chips so could afford to lose a few. If i move to say the 500/1000 games how many chips should i lose before i realise i am out of my depth

Yes. The skill doesn’t really get noticeably much better until you get above 500/1k, and there’s a decidedly different feel about playing above 5k/10k than there is at 2k/4k.

You should play smart with your bankroll, and not sit own with more than 10-20% of it at a table, unless you don’t mind losing it. It’s best if you can withstand getting stacked 4-5 times and not have it ruin you.

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