Bankroll for butthead

I know that bankroll math is important because smart poker players have said so, repeatedly. I can’t refute that, but have a problem that has caused me to ignore, or insanely stretched the numbers, for months now.
Sometimes I’ll browse my activity page for reasons i can’t remember, and have discovered that hands down, the 100K S&G, and the 50K/100K MTTs have returned more chips per chips invested than anything else comes close to. Not sure if it’s playing with 5 buy-ins in the bank, or not wanting to look dumb playing with people who’s game I respect, but I seem to play with a different level of awareness.
I still play cheap tournaments ,and my rings level is low, I’m trying to rectify by just playing the cheap venues
iously, the bankroll is a problem. Two weeks running, i started with two wins and a second. I knew both times that i wouldn’t be able to take advanage of the leader board. Stuff happens, and i don’t want to go back. I’m finally seeing a little movement, so I’m gonna continue to play games i can’t afford,try to hone my game to where ii can afford, and stay away from the 250K games.
That probably should have come first

I’m not clear what your question is.

Bankroll 101 is don’t play at a level where you can’t sustain a losing streak. Most of the advice I’ve read says to keep 20x or more in your bankroll than you’ll put on a table.

The other thing is to find a game that you can beat, and play it a lot.

I wouldn’t put a hard number on this. It depends on your willingness to accept risk, and if you are wise enough to drop down in stakes if you lose a few at higher stakes.

Yes, playing a 100k buyin with a 500k bank is risky. If the higher stakes gives you an edge, for whatever reason, I don’t see the problem with giving it a try. If you lose 2 of them in a row, you will have 300K and that’s still enough for some 20K games. I don’t think you should ride it all the way to zero though.

The real problem is when someone plays games they can’t beat, over and over, until they are out of money. I know I have stressed proper bank management before, but I never defined what, exactly, I meant. We are playing for free chips, not real money, and that changes things a little.

I consider my bank to be a one way street. I set an amount, and will not go below that amount. For example, when I hit 5 mill, I resolved to never go below 5 mill. I had a little more than that, so used that excess as my total bank. If I had to drop down in stakes to keep from going below that amount, I dropped down. If I had to log in for a week or 2 and not play, I did that.

I did the same at 10 mill, and 20 mill, and so on. Except for a few times when I first joined, I have never been broke, and never will go broke. My bank management scheme simply won’t allow it.

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