I played my first tournament at a local casino and place 4th?

Want I want to know is that hard to do? The buy was 60$ and I made 236 minus the 60$ buy in I would say there was around 35-40 players other than that I’ve only practiced on replay and wsop app until I realized the wsop app was making me a bad player. On replay I usually can get up to 100,000 chips pretty easy but also can loose chips pretty easy too mainly because I practice different playing styles I seem to have the best results playing loose aggressive unless I’m playing a tournament then I need to play tight I’ve also got 1st in tournaments on replay around 6 or 7 times and gotten 2nd once and I don’t play tournaments that often on here I’ve done bad a few times also. I’m just trying to gauge my skill level if you could possibly share some insight it would be appreciated. I’ve been playing for around 6-8 months and played around 10,000-12,000 hands.

Friend of mine give the best advice.
He was win a 400pp live tour. He said, if you good, you play with freerolls, win small and work up your bank.
If you cant do that, pointless invest your own money.
Never play with your own money.

12K hands in a month??? It is too small a sample to determine whether you are a good player. Play minimum 100K or more, within a month to draw conclusions. For the evaluation of the results are specialized programs-search the web.
Btw: playing freeroll tournament and play for free portals never learn to play well…

congrats on the place…well done…I would not measure a game playing on replay…free poker requires free thinking. this is entertainment, purely. good fortune, attend your future endeavors.