"Type here to chat" in table chat

Is there an easy way for your code people to fix the problem of auto-posting “type here to chat”? Seems there should be a simple fix to eliminate that glitch.

So we had a problem a while back with “Type here to chat” getting posted into the chat. But we fixed, or at least thought we had… are you saying the problem has returned and if so can you describe how it happens, what do you click or type just before it gets posted?

nothing at all … it just posts itself (sometimes)… in conjunction with the placing of a bet. No apparent rhyme or reason

I’ve seen it posted by other players as well so it appears to be random.

I don’t do much besides MTT so I don’t know if it happens in Ring or SnG games. Sorry, I’ve no more info than that.

Thanks John that’s helpful. Anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, have you seen any pattern as to when it occurs?

PLEASE someone help

i am unable to play after downloading flash update h e l p

why is this a problem.i dont get it

Paul, Here’s an instance when it occurred.


Dealer: * marquis wins 100 Dealer: ** Hand [ 64094864 ] started ** Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 6s Kc 5s ] JohnInFlorida : Type here to chat Dealer: JohnInFlorida mucks Dealer: * JohnInFlorida wins 90

I paid attention this time to what I was doing. I typed in and entered a numerical bet in the betting window and when it posted the bet the program posted the “type here to chat”, which was in the text entry window, into the chat at the same time.

I hope this helps, John

another example, same scenario - entered numerical bet, program posted bet and chat.

during hand #64154797

Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Jd Kd 8h ] Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 4s ] JohnInFlorida : Type here to chat Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 6s ] Dealer: Gunslinger shows High Card, King [ Kd Jd 9d

and with this final example, I’ll shut up … :wink:

That’s really helpful, I’ll pass this on to our tech team. Thanks John :smiley:

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