Slickie77 language:

niggga Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Tc Th 3s ] Slickie77 : i do Slickie77 : lmao Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Kd ] solobet : SLICKIEeeeeeeeeeeeee Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 6h ] Dealer: rebi shows Two Pairs, Tens over Sevens [ Th Tc 7d 7h Kd ] Dealer: doloresG shows Pair, Tens [ Tc Th Kd 9d 6h ] Dealer: * rebi wins 3139 Dealer: doloresG finished in 71 Dealer: ** Hand [ 60669146 ] started ** StSteve11 : language please Dealer: scadbeer mucks Dealer: * scadbeer wins 460 Slickie77 : shut ur trap Dealer: ** Hand [ 60669168 ] started ** StSteve11 : I will report Slickie77 : i dont give a ***** Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Td 2h Js ] StSteve11 : reporting… And more later too

ive had some problems with this guy also,i lost interest in the game b/c him username Slickie77

StSteve I’m sorry you had a problem. I have checked out your complaint and taken action. In future please report to a mod with the hand number that is in the upper left hand corner. It will be handled as soon as possible. Thank you

I do apologize for my bad behavior , I was caught by the heat of the game , it will no happen again !

It sure doesnt like made a personal attack on my daughter


Sorry about forgetting the hand #.

The hand number is very useful. But in future report directly to a mod. Leave a message for any of the mods. We’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled the n word. Some people use really ugly language maybe such language should not be tolerated. i was in a hand where i had pocket aces ans made a big raise of course there were several coallers. after the flop i bet again ,one caller, i continued my betting till i was all in he kept calling okay i figured i was beat no problem i lose ith aces all the time. to my suprise i won he had hit the two. i said thanks, to which he replied suck my dick nigger. i don’t mind a little cusing but such ugly lanuage shame on you drewxx22

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Losing TRUST with this site. How is it that someone can steel my picture, distort it, and on top of it all, constanly send me messages with horrible content…Will not take it, i am going to send the JERK OFF, ROID HEAD Pummelr a message of my own, cuz you still allow him to play here
even though he has tormented everyone. I should be able to remove him from ever messaging me, and you shouldnt allow n e one to take anything of my profile, how did this happen? Is this not a safe site? how can someone take my pic if sites secure?

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled what will be done here i wonder. ok here we go if this was me i be muted or banned i think hand number is 50909906Dieter777 : ■■■■ off idiot? You even didnt see the flop ■■■■■■■■■■■■ i think i would be muted for this this is what i mean every room u got somone like this

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled ■■■■■■■?. I’m sure that I don’t know all of the “rules” that go along with each site that I play on. I don’t however,
think I need to deal with FIREBAT777 calling me a
“■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■” because of some breach of ettiquette he took exception to. My first reaction was to tell him to go ■■■■ himself. That wouldn’t be proper though would it? Ignore or pursue? You tell me.