Tournament knockouts

When playing in Tournaments do you get any extra points or anything for getting them off the table? I tend to knock out quite a few people and then to have the people that didnt bet the whole time and just stayed there on the sidelines end up being some of the last people and the few times that i knock out 3 or 4 or 5 of the tournament players and end up getting second place is kinda b.s.that I did all the work and ended up getting less

Not unless the tournament has “bounty” in the name.

But if you manage to knock out every other player in a 6-seat or better SnG, you do get the “Clean Sweep” achievement.


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No you don’t get anything extra but getting somewhere up the ladder is better then when you started the tournament.

But ! You do get some extra chips for knocking out volunteers and staff during the “ Bust the Staff Tournament “.