Chips awarded for some achievements

Some achievements include chip rewards - is there a list of which achievements and the chips rewarded for reaching them?

Yea bro just click on Promotions at the top left hand corner on the replay home page and you can scroll down and click on like mtt or sit n go’s and low med. high stakes and a list will pull up.

Ok Thanks. I was asking about Achievements

There does not appear to be any such list. But I’ve been awarded chips for:

  • Hitting a straight flush
  • Hitting a royal flush
  • Flopping quads (jacks): “Congratulations! You just unlocked the Knaves achievement”

So being awarded chips seems to be connected to hitting monster hands, which is a great idea, I think.

Thanks for the info

The only 2 I got recently were…

Bubbled - 7,500 (eliminated one out of the money)

Clean Sweep - 7,500 (eliminate all opponents at 6-max or more SnG)

Hi @goastros28,

That’s a great question! Old achievements (those under bronze/silver/gold/special categories) do not give any chips, only the new ones (Global/Global ring/MTT/SNG). Our Operations Manager fizzymint posted a list of new achievements here: New Release: Achievements 2.0!