Tournament Points Statistics Page?

Can anyone explain the meaning of the tournament points on my statistics page?
I’ve never been able to figure out the meaning of them, seem totally useless as an item on that page.
For instance my Monthly (top 20) currently says 358,964…I’ve earned about 100k more this month in the hold-em high category, promotions page.
My Yearly (top 100) currently says 2,375,136…I’ve earned about 1.2 mil more than that at the yearly hold-em high category, promotions page.
None of that has ever made any sense to me, Replay could just get rid of that stat as far as I’m concerned, perhaps have the stats like # of wins and cash-out %'s instead.

If you go to the help centre, this article may help you:


Thank you, now I get it, it’s not cumulative points, but only the top 10 for weekly, top 20 for monthly and top 100 for yearly.
It still seems useless to me, lol, would love # of wins and cash-out %'s a lot more, but no big deal.


Go to the Promotions page and search for Regular Leaderboads and you can see your position compared to others by type of games played by month.

Thanks, yeah there’s a few leaderboards I look at at promotions.
It’s a really great thing Replay does, fun to look at, and sometimes you can get some free chips.

I still don’t understand why they have the stats I mentioned above on my statistics page, I don’t see what good it is, really never look at that. If someone can explain the use of those particular stats, that’d be great. Have a good day.