How often are tournament points calculated? my stats show 124,000 points....yet I am not in the top 10

how often are tournament points calculated? my stats show 124,000 points…yet I am not in the top 10

Hi jonmike

You mean the difference between Top Lists and the monthly leaderboards?

On your page statistics shows your tournament points which count for the Top Lists, the week, month and year ranking. For the week ranking count the tournaments points of the 10 tournaments where you won most tournament points, for the month ranking your best 20 tournaments points and for year ranking your best 100 tournaments.

This year ReplayPoker started with the monthly leaderboards for MTTs and SnGs (you find them on the page “Promotions”). For the monthly MTT leaderboard low all tournament points won in tournaments with a buy-in between 1 chip and 5k counts for this leaderboard, also you see your own won points showing there even when you are not in the paid top of the leaderboard.

Hope this helps. Greetings Happiness.

what does tourney pts do for you

TPs give you a chance to win extra chips on the weekly and monthly leaderboards.

For example, if you play 20k buyin tournies, the TPs will go towards the weekly Emerald First 7 and Emerald Best 7 leaderboards (found under promotions/regular leagues/) and also go towards the monthly Medium MTT leadernoard (found under promotions/regular leaderboards/monthly MTT leaderboards) They will also accumulate on the yearly boards.

There are tournament leaderboards for every game and for low, medium, and high Holdem tournies. There are also other leagues and special events that use TPs. All of these give you a chance of banking extra chips.

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