Timer fast games

often i find myself in the situation that i click the call/bet button in the last second of the timer and it does not register


Why so late if you know it doesn’t register ?

take a guess

I’ve had this happen a few times on Fast tables, when I clicked for example Fold as it wasn’t an easy decision to make, it timed me out before I could release the mouse button. It’s like there’s a half second or more “missing” and it ends early or something.


@LS_Larry , sounds like a delay in the decision making process, GL at the tables

Last 4 weeks I saw sometimes frozen tables and button-delays again. Click to button, some seconds is all frozen, and then it happens or it folds me. Many had this. But I don’t think this is the problem what you here have. I click earlier, and can not see what happens in last second.
Today I had playing without timer-progress-bar again. I got focus and buttons, and in same moment came the warning sound for down going time (last 3 seconds), but no progress-bar. Many goes there wrong.

It started on my Ace quad:



The timer-progress-bar came after 10 hands back without doing something, but refreshing table helps too. I wrote this problem > 1 year ago here on forum, but nothing changed. On friends-table we say many times to many problems “it is one of the 1000 things what we have on Replay” (my idea), and laugh, lol. And we don’t hope something can get better.


That’s strange Poki, I haven’t seen that myself before.

like Beereagle ive also never seen (or read) the progress bar disappear ?

*what browser are you using?

I use Opera browser. I have this problem not many times, can be 5x last 12 months. Weeks and months between. Today again, and I had time to make screenshots. I hear it if it starts, because the warn-signal in wrong moment. I can find I wrote 2x because this problem on forum.

The 1000 things, lol.

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This is one major reason I avoid the turbo tables on RP. The turbo tables are playable if the site and my internet is working good, but otherwise they are unplayable.

Its the same old story IMO. The site has many issue that are not getting fixed so IMO I just think of it as part of the RP RNG. lol

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I have seen this problem too occasionally.

Agree. I have come to laugh too and accept its part of the RP RNG. lol Will the site work today? Lets check the RNG!

I have tried to test & add info to support bugs/glitches/errors & issues reported on the FORUMs - and now at least RP acknowledges problems but unfortunately never bothers fixing them.

I replied to TWO posts in the last 6 months and neither problems has been fixed.