I have to view the lobby of every game to find a suitable one because the times in the games list mean absoloutly nothing

the game times in the lobby are all over the place. To find a game to be played i have to check them all, tourn: 157037 says on the main games list that it started 8 hours ago, but i am reg to play and it hasnt started yet. It starts in 15 mins. Example 2: 155897 says it started 21 mins ago but when i go to reg it says due to start in 8 hours, so it hasnt even started. What is goin on???

Probably it is a software issue. I heard it more often, unfortunately players never reply how they resolved it. Once i used an old laptop (not used for a long time, so no updates) and i had the same.

You can try this. Remove browser history and cookies in your browser (in browser settings). Check the browser version, maybe you need to upgrade the browser, make sure you have the latest version.

Re-start your computer.

Check if you ordered your multi table tournament page on the column “start”.with the triangle up.

Let us know if it worked please.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Please help, please read. have i been banned? i hope not i have done no wrong but the tables when i enter a game are empty, no buttons or chat and the word “leave” is flashing in the top right of the window near the return to lobby button. Whats happening please help.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Big problem impossible to play. when i enter a game, there are no seats or any cards on the table, no buttons to press. All i can do is exit. The word “leave” is flashing in the top right corner and that is the only option i have. The chat box is empty, basically all i have is a empty table with noone there and no play buttons or any options, i have never had this problem before can anyone help?

How’s is everything working for you now goose1? Let’s us know if you still need our help.

yes all is good now people thankyou for the concern, unfortunately i do not know what the problam was, but its working fine noew thankyou happiness, thanks paul.

Happy new year

Glad to hear it goose1, thanks for letting me know. Happy New Year!