Site freezing regularly

Yes, and it appears even if you do place and get chips you get the refund. I would say that is above and beyond fair. My thanks to Replay.


ive played multiple mtt’s over the last 6-7? hours, didnt see any lag


Same for me, no freezes since yesterday in about 8 tournaments.

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Wonderful news from you and Larry. 2 days no problems. Can’t wait to jump back in tomorrow. Thank you Replay Tech Team :+1:t2: Job well done.

No trouble the last couple days!! Good job.


Yesterday I played one hour on a table. Nothing frozen, but sometimes slow after clicking a button. But I had another problem. After short time playing wrong sounds came out of my speakers. It was the warnsignal for slowplayers if time goes down. I got the focus to click a button, and in this moment came this signal. I thought then something on table is wrong too, and saw the progressbar for downgoing time was not shown at all players. I thought frozen again, but was not. Other players on table had this problem not, I asked. It can be I had for clicking a button only the ca. 2 seconds resttime what comes after the warnsignal. I tested this not, played fast enough. I made then rightclick to table, loaded table new and all was ok. Timebars back, wrong sounds away.
I write this here because last days players wrote their blinds was folded without can doing something. Can be they had the same problem, time was to short.


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As long as there’s no lag or freezing anymore as mentioned in this thread I’m going to give it a try this afternoon. Small SNGs to start as always. Hoping for the best :+1:t2: Replay has made no announcement on all fixed but I’ll go with the actual players word !

Played a few ring game sessions over the last two days with no noticeable issues. Will attempt a tournament today.

Been playing fine the last day so I’ve been getting back to opening the sluices on my stack and losing to random straights I keep missing :grin:

Ring games have recently become “sticky” where it takes 1-2 seconds for the action to be processed. Not unplayable but kind of annoying.

I agree on the ring games …bit slow

I noticed this in a couple of tournaments yesterday 09/03. I would click the check box and a delay showing a circle and slash sign. But, I didn’t have any games freeze up.

Just finished a 6 player SNG, took 1st so I’m double happy, a win and everything went smoothly just like some players posted over the last few days. No lag, no freezing. Congrats Replay on resolving the issue. Hope it stays that way. Good the be playing again :+1:t2:


50,000 SNG, 1-3., S L O W…Then FROZEN.
Let’s Get It Together.

Yes that flush was pretty cool


How will they know when it is fixed for good if they take it down?

It’s fixed for good. 2 days now everyone is reporting and I played a SNG this afternoon with absolutely no problems.

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It’s not fixed until they say they found the problem and fixed it.

If site traffic is down, and it is, that alone could make this look fixed when it isn’t.

It’s not fixed until they isolate and fix the root causes.


still having problems, I see. Played 3 games, 2 out of 3 still freezing up, and can’t bet, or fold, sad!!

So I see they deleted my comment calling out the seemingly padded player’s online list, very suspect.

Yet still the padded online list is still showing up, makes me think it’s intentional… hmmmm