Unable to bet higher than previous bet as no slider

On several occasions the betting slider is missing so can only bet one above previous bet. So if say I have AA and wish to open my bet much higher than say 4k (the default bet) I am unable to as the slider is missing.

You do know you can type in your bet right ?

Just a thought, it’s not because you are in a Pot Limit or Fixed Limit game or tournament?


That was my thought.

Not in a pot or fixed limit game just standard ring game no limit. I also cannot type in the bet amount as that is blanked as well along with the “half pot” “pot” and all in buttons. All I am able to do is follow current or previous bets. This has only started (four times now) since “Mission” nonsence.

Would it be possible for you to take a screen shot when this next happens then perhaps we could make other suggestions?

Yes will do.

If it’s blanketed and you can’t see it you need to adjust your screen size smaller. I just posted this on another thread.

Adjusting screen size.


It ain’t nothing to do with screen size. I have been playing for 5 years and know my way around the site. Incidentally your link doesn’t work.

The link worked fine for me.

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Sometimes i can not see the progressbars for time on table. In moment i get focus comes the warnsignal time near end. Such things happen on Replay. Refreshing (load new) the table helps.


The link to techsolutions:


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Screen size has everything to do with what you can see within your computer’s borders. I’ve been here 8 years but I don’t know what your 5 years on the site has to do with screen size.

The link works fine. Must be your computer :joy:

Here is a tutorial that should solve all screen issues with everything fitting within your screen.

Yes, it sounds like you were not playing on a no-limit game, perhaps on pot limit or fixed limit.

I think Beer is right