This sites best player?

Is this Replay Poker’s best ever player? 3k chips to 225 Million in less than 3 months is amazing, surely some kind of record Below is his answer to a question i asked. Also a link to his profile. His name is. DeathProphet

I did rarely play here with only specific relatively good players (I could name 3-4 max) out of hundreds I played here. I’m pretty sure I’m the best player in this site (not a big achievement but I got from 3000 to 225M while played 27467 hands only.

The player who created this thread went to over a billion in 10 days. The numbers are impressive. 12038 hands to reach 1,009,546,347

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omg, amazing


there is no good player or bad player , just good plays and bad plays :slight_smile: good luck and bad luck , big sausage and small sausage :slight_smile:

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Did they win the chips or buy them?

@Goatsoup plays in the Donks league and the stats show how good he is, the Winter games winner again so he is one of the best but Do Not Feed The Goat

I am the best rollercoaster player I even make myself dizzy but was just thinking an hour ago how much fun last few days I have had and have laughed out loud

got to play with @Matchstk and @bahia7 earlier and it felt like home - was not just poker was random fun taking about Dr Who

If I focus I can play well as I have learned a lot about position and my outs and I also have a memory on players without notes but… I dont focus that much :slight_smile: . I can play 5 tables, cook dinner and be on the phone to my dad … And as I type this its very clear I am not concentrating so as a challenge to myself next month I will focus on 1 game at a time and give it my all and will update how that goes

Tiggs xx

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