Journey to 1,000,000,000 and Farewell

Hello people. I’m an amateur poker player who was introduced to RP by a friend last week. I started playing got sucked in pretty quickly due to the dopamine of winning chips. I set a personal goal for myself to reach 1 billion chips as quickly as possible. Today after 10 days I’ve made it here. This is where my journey ends as I plan to spend more time on real life things. (I might come back once in a while to play very casually)

I wanted to make this post to describe the progress and strategy I used in different stakes as well as for bragging :stuck_out_tongue:

3k → 1M:
I created the account on March 4th. And started with 3k chips. I sat at the 1/2 stakes table to play a little with my friend who referred me. After getting a rough idea of how exploitable people play. I quickly went to the 25/50 stakes table with almost all my chips. I figured that even if I bust, I can get 500 free chips again.

I notice that people in low stakes almost never bluff, almost never slowplay, playing their hands in an an almost face-up manner. Also many people will call all the way to the river with marginal hands. so I adopted the strategy of making big raises with premium hands and limping with speculative hands like suited connectors and small pairs. If I hit a premium flop I will just keep raising pot and often get the double up. If I get a marginal hand (top pair with bad kicker, 2 pair with flush possible board) and is facing a big raise, I generally snap fold. (For example: one time I had 2 pair on the turn and 2 people called my pot raise. The river allowed a potential flush draw to get there. One guy lead with a pot sized raise and I snap folded my 2 pair, turns out they both hit the flush). On my way to 1M there was zero instances where I called at river and the opponent was bluffing. I also make almost zero bluffs because my opponents are willing to call pot raises with as bad as second or third pair.

As for bankroll management, I always try to sit with 50BB for around 20-40% of my bankroll. Whenever I get enough chips to move to a higher stake, I will get up and sit down again with 50BB. If I bust I will move to lower stakes if needed. The reason I only sit with 50BB is to lower variance since I’m already playing a very aggressive bankroll management. People may think that sitting with 40% of the bankroll is insanely risky. However it’s actually close to optimal assuming I have more than 70% chance (I do) of doubling up vs losing my buy-in.

Using this method I quickly hit 2m chips in around 5-7 hours of playing 2 tables.

1M → 10M:

As I moved to 2k/4k and higher tables, players become less of calling stations, but most still play overly tight and rarely bluffs. I adjusted my strategy and occasionally bluffs start becoming successful. People generally do not slowplay, so when the flop checks around, I make a small raise and will frequently win the pot. Occasionally there are better players, but most are still very exploitable.

I started playing some tournaments and also managed to get 1st in a 250k buy in and 2nd in a 500k buy in to make 8M profit.

After 2 more days I reached 10M total chips from 1M.

10M → 100M:
I started playing at the 20k/40k and 50k/100k tables. These players are playing a lot better. There’s less limping preflop even though it’s still happening with much higher frequency than they should. People also slowplay and trap with strong hands occasionally. There are also more people bluffing (but not nearly as frequently as they should). I adjusted my strategy to play closer to GTO, but with adjustments to exploit the flaws. The adjustments include bluffing and semi-bluffing frequently because people are overly tight. Raising preflop more frequently because people rarely 3-bet. Also over-fold if people do 3 bet as their range is often JJ+ or AK.

As I moved up to 100k/200k and 250k/500k. Some of these flaws are less obvious but still exists. Different players have different exploitable tendencies which I also try to exploit. For example if someone rarely bluffs, then I will fold strong marginal hands facing them. If someone is capable of making big bluffs, I may call down with A high or even K high.

In another 2 days, I reached 200M from 10M

100M → 1B

Now I started playing mostly at 250k/500k and 500k/1M stakes (occasionally 100k/200k when there’s just nobody willing to play the highest stakes). Now I’m facing the players who top the leaderboard for weekly and monthly profits. A lot of people were surprised at my frequent bluffs and gradually adjusted to calling me wider. This opened them up to more frequently call my strong marginal hands and nut hands as well because they think I’m bluffing. I started to play much more unpredictably often making big bets which can either be a huge bluff or a strong hand. Often I’m playing heads up against some of these players because few want to play in the highest stakes. I notice other players make large adjustments to their strategy while playing against me which made the experience very interesting. However most other player’s heads-up play is far from optimal, including slowplaying premium hands too frequently, raising too small for value, not making obvious value bets or value reraises on the river with premium hands that are not the nuts.

After about 5 more days I reached 1B from 200M.

GG to all the players I played with the past week, especially those in the highest stakes.

Here’s some of my final stats:

you can see my total chips is just around 20k-30k more than my total profit this month. the difference is from the daily free chips.


Very impressive achievement, well done! I think I’ll try to replicate the Kelly strategy for 10k to 1M at some point.

I guess you didn’t save your session data from the activity page and it is now not showing all sessions anymore? I would be very interested in the full data set.


I only see data from the last 3 days. but you are welcome to ask a mod or someone for my data if possible. I give permission if needed

I’m not playing often at this site but I don’t mind to provide you a reverse journey to 0, see ya at 100/200k HU tables.

Any observations regarding the Replay algorithm relative to actual poker?

Meh even after reading it again

Sorry you’re stuck at the 1 Billion still. Better days ahead perhaps. You’re playing now on Saint Patrick’s Day so maybe the luck of the Irish will shine down upon you :joy:

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10 days from 3k to a billion. Gotta be a Replay record. If he/she were still here it would probably make
El-Jog blush (but just a little). I tried to get what percent increase that was - my calculator broke. Just kidding - that’s a 33,333,233.33 percent return in 10 days.

However, teeber is NOT impressed. Tough crowd. Or tough teeber, I guess.

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