Good poker players

Who are the best 5 poker players here at Replay poker? Just your honest opinion and PLEASE do not say “your-self” lol.

You go first :joy:


You would be better off asking what comes up on the next flop. That would be a far more sensible question.

I am kind of new here. On and off for almost a year and want to play against the best to help my cash games. that is why i ask, i play games with bingo players in many levels and that is not poker. I been muted 8 times for calling bingo players donks, in cash games u can chat freely but here i guess donk is worse than the F word lol. You be surprised, in cash games u have players ( Donks lol) go on tilt (losing) and go all in every hand pre flop with anything until they go broke (it sucks losing with pocket A’s TO 2-7 but it happened to me a couple of times). Even in cash games I’d much rather play against good (or decent) players then bad players as good players respect the cards and u can bluff sometimes but a bad player will chase u with A high (sometimes with 2-7 lol ) to the river.

You can tell a good player from a bad one in 5 minutes BeerEagle69:)

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I consider myself a tad above average (a B- if grading).

I think it’s mosly who you probably already think are the strongest.

  • CKEnvoyZ350
  • kaei
  • Idi0tpLaYer
  • gamergirI
  • -BlackWidow-

There are also some others that used to play more often that seem really strong.

Yournoname, lot of people on here and being i play only a little cannot see them all lol. you HAVE GREAT judgement though as i watch games and a few months ago noticed a VERY GOOD player and would talk with him in between hands etc… him ( or her lol ) name is Kaei and he keeps asking me to join their games but as i told him, NO WAY i am giving this site money ( ok, when i started i bought 65,000 chips for .99 lol ). Kaei is the best play i noticed on here so far but i am not buying chips to play in bigger games lmfaol. I ply cash games and win real money, not paying cash to have lots of chips lol. I been here a tad less then a year part time and have over 6 million chips and MANY tickets that i wish i could give away as not enough time to use them

I would argue that the “best players” on Replay are listed on the “Top List”. Everyone of the individuals whom Yorunoame names is on this list including Yorunoame. It’s not a slam dunk but if I were to wager on the best players on this site this is where I would start. I doubt any of these players have “bought” their ranking by purchasing chips. Occasionally individuals on the Top List post to this forum where their knowledge of the game is on full display. See Yorunoame or BlackWidow post for and example of what I’m talking about. I like watching them play. It’s as close as you can get to a real money high stakes poker game.

I love watching games as im still learning this game ( Texas hold-em ). I kind of played a lot of 7 stud when younger and 8 years of playing bought me my decent ranch house but it was HARD work…The thing is now everyone plays hold em and i don’t like it but i play at casinos, on site places etc. have it is the main game 95% of the time. I’ll play small games for cash as 7-studd much easier as u look at all the cards and know much easier what cards are out etc. and much easier to see a card chaser (abut 3 minutes lol it takes )…I still get mad when my pocket A’s are busted by 2-7 lmao. In Studd u do not lose much when rolled up (40% chance to make a house also).The hand that helped me get my house was my rolled-up 8"s and quads on fifth street and 2 cousins who hated each other had full houses on fifth street ( A’.s full and K.'s full ) and were raising each other crazy and not paying attention to me and after i won a mega pot they actually started screaming at each other lol.

You make a lot of sense dos-rios, buying chips for ranking is being a silly kid who has issues with awwww lol