Which top ten player is the best?

2)idiot player
3) unranked
4) birba11
5) nobluff
10) roughpokers

By the way the person who choses the correct player gets to ask me a poker question of his choice!


Who else ?

@Idi0tpLaYer is the best player.

Seems pretty fair, but let’s just say it’s Ilovecat :slight_smile:

I guess he wanted to hear that exact answer, right ?

Furthermore, he ranked himself 1) instead of 2). But I guess that was a tiny unintentional mistake…

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HAHA YOU ARE BRILLIANT! Now you get to ask me a poker question!

I’m quivering with anticipation!

Thanks man, I hear it often but it’s always a pleasure.

Can I play with you once (HU), to prove I’m even better than you ? :wink:

My poker question : Do you play play for real money next to Replay, and how’s it going there ? If you do, why do you keep playing on RP, because we all know you could be playing with the best out there ?
Another question, because I guess you like me (as much as I like you) : I often struggle playing against players who haven’t got very much skills. Would you accept to show us you’re the best player on RP, by playing 5 (or the number you want) MTT’s with a buy-in less than 20k, and show us your results ? I know it doesn’t say everything, but it would give me a bit of information.


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This question is more relevant in heads up situation. More than three players, game simply follows mathematics, anyone is as good as anyone.

If you’re referring to my second question, I quite disagree with you. “Anyone is as good as anyone” ?
I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing, but are you really saying there is no better poker player, which means that 100% luck is involved in poker, such as bingo ?


I am referring to the question that is the title of this thread.

I should add: only better players I have seen are who have general feel for the fall of the cards and the streets. This too is more relevant in Omaha’s, not as much in Texas where the range of winners is much wider. I have played enough tournaments to say, in Hold’em, the one who wins the tournament is the one who gets most number of winners.

There is a basic skill involved in properly assessing everyone’s hand and bet accordingly, which most people do here. Beyond it, its all about getting good cards. Some people bet just in the order of blinds and steadily increase or decrease their stack depending on the cards they get. Some people bet high, often half pot, full pot or all in, build up the stack very quickly, but also lose as quickly. In either case it averages out based on the cards you get.

In my observation its all about mathematics and averaging.

Oh my bad, thought you were referring to my answer.

i dunno about best but they all have a lot of chips

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@Idi0tpLaYer has almost twice as many chips as @Ilovecat but somehow he’s a better player :thinking:

So if the best player in the universe signs up and starts with 5,000 chips, he’s no longer the best player?

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None of the above. Best player wouldn’t care about worthless chips. You get what you pay for.

But in all honesty, I think IDIOTPLAYER is a bit better than me! But we are really close.!!!

You didn’t answer my questions though… I’m disappointed :confused:

In All Honesty it seems- N0- No- Love it- No…

I believe that if any of the top 10+ were known to be playing in a 15,000 chip game the interest would be High. I do wish those at the very highest levels could join the masses, err- I mean the “Replay Community” for some Good cards and Fun at least once.

He never promised to answer your question. He only said you could ask one :wink:

Plus we don’t even know what the right answer was:

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