Any Pros on Replay?

Wondering if there are any known pros on this website. It would be cool to play against some elite players but almost everyone is anonymous on here.

Just don’t play Iloveacat and you’re basically good :smile:


Lol but I want the challenge! Has anyone played against any big names on here? Or do pros just not waste their time on replay…

You can’t really talk about pro’s, but there are certainly good players on this site. Just take the top 10 (click on your profile and go to “toplists”), they are good players.

I’ve almost never played with these guys, so I’m not the best person to talk about their skills, but I don’t know if they would be willing to play with us/you.

Unranked and NoBluf are so far the guys I’ve seen playing mostly, and they’re certainly very good.

I thought “pro” was defined as someone who makes a living at something. Any pro playing here would be very very skinny.

I mean, so skinny they would have to run back and forth in the shower to get wet.


Well I’m sure there are some big names on here that just play occasionally for fun. I often play at the highest possible table so I think it’s likely I’ve played some, though they prefer to remain anonymous.

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I suppose anything is possible, but I think the last thing I would do for fun is go into work on my day off and work for free.


True but it’s different with other games. For example I play chess online too and there are plenty of elite players who play for fun or practice many of whom I have played personally. Doesn’t seem to me like a game someone has passion for can ever be considered just a boring job. I suppose it makes sense for poker pros to prefer playing for real money, considering they are good and expect to profit, but wouldn’t it make sense to want to take the pressure off sometimes or experiment with new styles?

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Yeah I don’t see why any online pros would play here when they can play against better competition for money instead whenever they want. It’s possible that there are a few live pros in the US who don’t want to play online on dodgy US sites though so play here for fun instead.

I would say that there ARE pro’s and cons to playing here. lol


I beg to differ!
There many pros on this website!
Just observe how serious the majority of players are at the tables and some get furious if they lose!
Don’t even dare using chat or they will scold you, because it distracts them.
Even check how many forum posts are made on strategy, etc.
I’m sure there are many pros or is it that some believe they are pros around here?

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So the only possible motivation for trying to help less experienced players is to make yourself look like a pro? The only reason to discuss the finer points of the game is to impress people with your advanced knowledge?

Wow, what a sad, sad world you live in.


Wanted to comment exactly the same thing. You just make no sense Lifesong.

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@stassneyk, I’m a professional! What would you like to know?

           EDIT: Not at poker though, but I will give poker questions a go if you have any? :slight_smile:
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Funny that you only read what you want to read Valuefish & SunPowerGuru!
I said there are many Pros if you look at the posts players make.

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You’re basically talking about the recent hands we’re analyzing, with dayman, tacos, etc… ?

Funny that you’re basically responding us by saying some nonsense again. I’ve read everything you said, and that part was the only one that was worth replying to.

By the way, if you want to reply, reply to this, or else just don’t reply at all so we can avoid losing our time with you.

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True this.
A strawman was built and then argued against, rather than arguing against what you actually wrote.
I’m not 100% in agreement with your argument but it should be rebutted fairly or not at all.

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Just lol

Stop talking about arguments and a “strawman”, Lifesong is just complaining about something useless, indirectly saying that people who post in the Strategy and Hand Review section consider themselves as being pro’s.

Your replies are getting serious for absolutely nothing, and are just sad.

You should apply to moderate the forums. You seem tolerant.

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