Replay poker is GREAT! I wish I knew it sooner!

I have to admit replay poker is one of the best pokersite I have ever played on! I only wish I knew this place sooner! Replay please make more advertisement so more people know about your poker site! PLEASE!


Agreed. There was a time I was playing the free MSN games texas hold 'em offering. Something like 6 tournaments a day? When I stumbled upon this site, I realized just how ridiculous it was that I hadn’t found this site sooner.

Yes your so right the Replay is the best site I have been playing for over a year now and have played two other sites but they cant compare to replay poker The only problem is they have some players that really have a dirty mouth some of them swear at you and will not let up and Replay takes care of that problem right away They are on top of everything That’s a good thing they don’t let anything slide Good Luck at the tables and enjoy the game I love it and am on everyday look for me sammymorgan hugs

I’ve been here about 1 1/2 months and so far this has been the best non-gambling poker site I have ever been on. The play is better than I’ve seen elsewhere but the thing that makes this site stand out from all the others is the staff. Just wow. On my last site I couldn’t get a response to anything, even account issues that were preventing me from playing for days. On this site, if I casually mention that the shade of blue in one of the achievement badges is slightly off, they have a blue-ribbon panel on it, do the research and get back to me within a day.

Seriously, I don’t like kissing-arse for giggles so I’m not doing that here. If this is the way things are run at Replay Poker, it should become a textbook example of how online companies should interact with their customers. I have analyzed hundreds if not thousands of businesses over the course of my career and what I’ve seen here so far (just in terms of customer service) is truly rare. Kudos to the team at Replay Poker and thanks for making this such an enjoyable experience so far.