There should be tournaments of all styles every hour

I would like to see more tournaments of all styles every hour with larger pools and more delays of 20 minutes to sign up.

I would like the players with the highest score to have a badge showing that that player is a rocki or a shark

I would like a life time supply of beer, but that simply won’t happen.

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There are few free tournaments, when I play I have noticed that in a tournament if I have few chips there is a table set up to be left out of the tournament, I have seen set up ladders. saludos

If you use the filters in your lobby you will find there are alot of each type of tournament running throughout the day. For example Freerolls (about 1 an hour). Additionally, you can click on any player’s avatar at your table and see what their rank is immediately. Explore, enjoy, and have fun

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