Weekly Highrollers Tournament

I see there is only 1 tourn each hour… Why cant this site have more options for a tournament? Most all of the are NL… I suggest their be some FL holde em and a few more omaha… Maybe 1 time per week have a tourney that has all the winners from each tourney in it anfd option to but in and have a large pay out… Lets say u have 50 people win a spot… 35 people buy in at 25k… Total 85 players… prize pool would be 2,125,00 chips. 875k would be put up by 35 people who bought in… The 1,250,00 would be added by replay for the weeks tournament winners… In order to qualify as a winner you must have won a tournament with buy in more than 10k or a combination that would add up to that… This would be great tournament to try and qualify for or buy in to be a part of… Hope I made sense? Keeping chip dumpers off the tables would be great to avoid since this seems to already be a problem… Thanks for aloowing my suggestions!!

Thanks for the suggestions, so let me summarise them so it’s easier to see: 1. Add more tournaments to the schedule.

So you’ll be pleased to see we add lots more on Friday. Hopefully you’ll be happy with the new selection. We can’t yet offer fixed limit omaha, but it’s on the to-do list. So we’ll get around to it eventually. Right now we’re focussing more on the highest voted up suggestions. 2. Satellite Tournaments. If you take a look over on this page you’ll see the different types of tournaments that we planned to introduce: http://www.replaypoker.com/help/tournament_help. One of those mentioned is the satellite tournament and I believe that’s what you’re referring to ie. first people need to win a qualifying tournament and then they can participate in a high-roller tournament. It’s something we definitely would love to add. If it gets the votes then expect it sooner rather than later! 3. Tackle chip dumpers. There’s already some topics relating to this, and we’re determined to tackle this problem shortly by building a brand new detection system and then suspending any players found to be doing this.

Let there be an option that players can give a maxium amount of there playchips to other players. If i want to give some away that is my choice. I know this is not allowed yet.

That’s an interesting idea. We’d need to have in place a better system to detect players with multiple logins - to make sure it wasn’t used to cheat.

Punisher, can you create a new topic for this idea, so that it doesn’t get missed and people can vote on it?