The Team of the Week is a weekly competition which will start very soon.

Tournaments will be played in the Totally Partisan Poker League every Saturday at 4pm EDT (9 PM UK) and TPP rules will apply.

Teams can have up to 10 players however only 5 maximum from any one team can complete in each Team of the Week tournament.

At the moment the teams are -

TPP The Gravy Train - flashlight_gt, spoof-gt, goodlybud_GT, GrandyB, missnomer-gt and Roy-GT
TPP The Soul Mates - rosie2_SM, RavenL, ladybes, CrniGruja, buildinit, pokerkid11SM, mysweet-SM and bash51
Poker Amusement - SharonSmarty , IRISHred , TatarFarmr , JanCee, Bet2, DANNO1, Maxtilt and buckeyetjn80
Badonkidonks Donks - Tomkat287, Chicago Serbs, Seville, MCcats, Juiceeloot and Brick52

There are quite a few Replay Mods and Reps on the teams but we’d love to see a separate team representing the Replay Volunteers/staff and maybe teams representing the Silver and Bronze donks.

For more information on Rules and Regulations, Team Play Tips for beginners please click here.


Another new team to be confirmed -

RoyalRush - CoachesCorner, LadyCon, go456, kittycat5, Alex1963 and BigC


Please note, the Team of the Week is a fluent thing in development and may be subject to change. The Donks team so far, which I gleaned from the forum is not accurate as Seville only expressed interest and Juicee has since stated that the playing time does not suit her.
I’ll try to get a more up to date picture on the Donks team or teams as soon as I can. My apologies, I do tend to get a bit exuberant at times.

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Put me in coach.

Thank you for your efforts flashlight, the work is appreciated. I will not be able to play in then team event, but wish you all well with it. Thanks again.


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OK, The Donks Team for the Team of the Week competition is -

tomkat287, MCcats, Galak, boyd2, ThomasCSS, diesal313, nimwin and the weasle.

Tomkat will determine who plays each week based on availability and player rotation with the aim of ensuring everyone gets a fair go. Can any player who is not a firend of tomkats or mine please send him and/or me a friend request now.

If anyone else would like to represent the Donks at Team play just post your name here. If we get a few more players then 2 teams are possible.

If you wish to start practicing team play you can do so from tomorrow, just enter any Feast Game in the Totally Partisan Poker Lobby.


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Team Poker results for “The Feast” game today -

Poker Amusement - 5 players - 12 points
The Soul-Mates - 6 players - 11
The Donk (only 1 player) - 3
The Gravy Train (2 players) - 2

For individual players scores click here and scroll to today’s date.

Very close game, could have gone either way in the end, well done PAL

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sorry i missed this - so I am in the team of the week for which competition? or did I miss it already? still a little lost, sorry

The Feast is a regular game played by Partisan Poker teams and The Donks and the Amusement League are welcome to play in the Feast to Practice or whatever. The first official Leagues Challenge game is on the 16th November, so the Donks have 3 or so Feast games in which they can practice before then if they wish.