CONTEST - Dream Team 2021!

Hey all! The Replay Team Championship is coming NEXT MONTH! The fun begins on June 5th, with registration ending the day prior.

In honor of the promotion’s return, we’re bringing back the contest we shared in its first year:

If you could choose any TWO players to be on your poker dream team, who would you pick and WHY? It could be anyone – a poker pro, someone you respect here on the site, a celebrity or fictional character … it’s all up for interpretation. :muscle: :handshake:


On May 25th, we’ll draw random names from all participants, and five random players will receive 100,000 chips! :money_mouth_face:

Get hyped! After you share your dream team here, start finding friends, because the Championship is just around the corner. If you need help finding some competitive poker pals, try posting in our Find a Team thread!


Chester and Winston, the first two poker players to your left. Smoooooth operators lol :joy:


Ronaldo, Risitas et gigi d’agostino :slight_smile:

James Bond and Daniel Negraneau. if they cant beat you in cards 007 always has a license to kill…
see you on the tables


Daniel Negreanu & Doug Polk


McCandles and kinghit both on my friends list, thank you

Harry Potter and Samantha Stevens. It would be good to have a wizard and a witch as partners.

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Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. both have incredible force powers. Vader use the force choke while Palpatine uses force lightning . both can use force to know what players cards are and to know what cards coming.

Bret Maverick and The Cincinnati Kid. Good at poker and good with a gun.

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daniel negreanu and all friends from the james bond!!!

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I’d go with Doyle “Dolly” Brunson, because I’d never have to worry if he knows what he’s doing.

Next I’d have Durrrrrr, because he can bulldoze skyscrapers without blinking.

Area51mutant and Gypseyman

I’ll take Emmitt “Doc” Brown from Back to the Future, and Stephanie Abrams from The Weather Channel.

Doc because he could take me in the DeLorean to the future so I could see what cards are coming throughout the tournament then go back in time and win. :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign:

Stephanie because once I won, maybe my dream girl would finally marry me. :heart_eyes:

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The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) cuz he be the next President (my heavy weight) and Merlin the wizard for his magical powers and of course myself for the brains. Any problems contact the Rock.

Jesus and John Lennon. Jesus for the obvious reason…he’d be tough to beat! John Lennon would tell stories, entertain and distract the opponents!!

Kenny Rogers and Sterling Archer 'cause one is “the Gambler” and one is “the Man”

Adrián Mateos and Leo Margets. I choose them because they speak my language and I like to see them play in tournaments

Roccorre Siffredi e Belen Rodriguez perché nel poker ci vogliono palle e culto ;O)

P.T. Barnum for the bluff and Genghis Khan for the sheer intimidation win…

I would like 2 online galpals in my team , both astute no-nonsense go-hard-out Poker players ~~ ZoeRedx & Spitfire777 both good mates & wouldnt die wondering on any bet