Replay Team Championship 2023 - FIND A TEAM

The Replay Team Championship kicks off June 3rd, and registration is now open! Tournaments run every Saturday, and you’ll fight head-to-head against other teams of three.

If you’re looking for other players to form your dream team and win big prizes, this is the place to do it! Feel free to post in this thread if you’re looking for a team and to get organized.


TIP: If another player has already posted looking for a team, try replying directly to them to join your team!

Learn all about the Replay Team Championship and how to register your team in @Chasetheriver’s post right here. Our promotion page will be available soon!


If anyone would like to team up with @luffy and myself, please reply here or send either of us a Friend Request. It’s a fun tourney and is competitive but different from normal play.


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This is the best ever, its so much fun and a great game of poker. I am already in a team but reach out here and you will soon find a team of three. come join the fun xx


Hoi, Ik doe graag met jullie mee. Rene


Great except we may have a communication (i.e., translation) problem. I was able to translate your post using Google but I have to admit it was time consuming.

I hope you understand unless you have an easy workaround because we have to communicate amongst the team members before the start of the tourney. But, I’m willing to team up with you as long as @luffy agrees.


I’m sending you a Friend Request then we can complete the Registration requirements with @luffy as a team.


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i wanna play


I would like to play and be a part of a team.


I would like to get on a team this year too.

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I am requesting to build a Replay Team Championship team consisting of 3 players who have befriended me.

First come, first serve, will be accepted by team members. We will then coordinate a Team Name, and Team Captain as soon as possible before the RTC tournament deadline.

This format of play sounds like fun and hoping we can come together for another opportunity to build camaraderie and kind spirits of bold libations to make us the Champions!

I am looking for a team… my overall ranking is 710.


I’d love to join you Pilot

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That is great Trafe1. Thank you very much. I need a name for the team. Do you have any suggestions? Once I get a name, I canl register the team.


Trafe1 via Replay Poker notifications@replaypoker.discoursemail.comHide

Michelle Rossi

Hello , Looking for a team that needs a player . Good luck everyone.


I would like to join.

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Can I join

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New to this tournament, but usually can pick it up fast. Looking for a team to join.

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need a team please let me know

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Looking to join a team

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