Replay Team Championship 2022

The Replay Team Championship will take place in a few months and we wanted to give you advance warning, so that you may prepare your teams.

Regular players of the site will be very familiar with this promotion, but for those who are new, we will be running a series of weekly team events which will be in teams of three. There will be progression to knock out stages too.

So now is the time to start thinking about your team and who you’d like to team with.

We are not accepting registrations as of yet, we just wanted to give you a heads up.

Have a great day,



It was so fun last year,play for your team and get new friends! Poker is sometimes lonely,but the feeling to do the best for your team is a magic feeling,win and lose together!! I hope for more team challenges than once a year!! I want also to thank Replay for the good work and fun promotions!! You replay team rules!!


Great news!

Please consider allowing teams to have a sub this year.


Hey BW,

We really don’t have the resources to manage subs at this time, sorry for that. We do try to mitigate people not being available by removing the lowest three scores.

Take care,



So like how do i join a team i am a good player i just started a month and a half ago and am rank in the 28,000 so i dont get what you have to do

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What to be asked to join a team or start one by asking players yourself. That’s step 1.

Oh ok thanks

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Once registration begins, we’ll also start a forum thread here that players can use to find others to team up with. We’ve had some successful teams form up that way!


Indeed! There i find my wolfpack and now friends!! Longing for the team challenge!! Just talk together and boost each other!!


back to replay after a break away. looking to get teamed up for the 2022 championships :slight_smile: came second in the 1st team champs


hello :smiley:

Awesome! When will the schedule be released?

Our team did quite well and is returning. We had a blast and became friends as a result. Join in by forming you own team and/or watch this thread for others looking for a team. Good Luck all!


I just enjoy the regular ring games and tournaments. Don’t know if team play would be fun for me. Also don’t know if I’d want the pressure of a team counting on me.

hey did you find team mates yet?

Just wondering if we have any twitch streaming the team champs this year?

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have a team… jedwins Despina11 and cm681… how do we register???

The registration details can be found on the promotions page,
but this is an extract to help you:

  • This promotion is free to enter.
  • Form a team with two other players.
  • Assign each player a unique letter from A/B/C .
  • Player A is the captain of the team.
  • The captain of the team is to email: with their team name & team member details (usernames and corresponding letter A, B or C).
  • Each team member is also required to email in confirming that they wish to play on your team. They must confirm the team name, who is the captain of the team and which letter they have been assigned.
  • We will confirm receipt with an email and we will manually register everyone to each event, each week.
  • The cutoff for team registration is 00:00 ET on Friday, June 3rd, 2022. No registrations will be accepted after this deadline.

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