Replay Team Championship 2023 - ASK US ANYTHING

The Replay Team Championship is back! The competition kicks off on Saturday, June 3rd at 3pm ET.

As with our prior RTCs, you’ll form teams of three to compete in separate A/B/C tournaments to climb the leaderboard and earn points as a group. We’re continuing to drop the three lowest individual scores from your team’s total score. That means you won’t suffer if one of your teammates isn’t available one week!

Have any questions about how the event works? This is the place to ask! Our Poker Operations Manager, Chasethriver, will be here to clarify the details.

Please be sure to read over this post before submitting your teams for entry.


So how do we actually form or join teams then? I don’t get it.

You make a team of 3 players , with friends , and give your team a name.


Yes but is it like a League type thing, or do 3 random people have to message each other and agree on it together, that’s what I mean.

Hi BeerEagle69, yes, it is a League and yes 3 players (usually Friends) agree to form a Team.

In a nutshell,

Each Saturday for 4 weeks there are 3 simultaneous MTTs where each Team Member plays (you never meet your fellow Team mates) and we calculate a Leaderboard to find the top 24 Teams.
Then, for the next 3 weeks there is a knockout style Leaderboard where half the teams go forward until we have a Final week of 6 Teams, on July 16th.



No worries, appreciate the explanation, thanks.


I’ll team up with you. I just sent you a friend request so we can pm about it.

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I appreciate it, although it will depend on the time of day when these games take place, I may or may not be around.

2023 itinerary and format:

Beginning Saturday June 3rd and at 15:00 ET on each of the following Saturdays until July 16th

Thanks Craig, I’m assuming that is US time, in which case it’ll probably be too late for me in the evenings. Oh well.

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You’re welcome. Yes U.S.time.

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Okay, no problem.

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently a solo player.

Looking for team to participate in this championship.

Please pm me if interested.


Okay, sent to you a friend request but we need a third if you want to team up.

Hi Smooth,

Thanks, accepted your request.

Sure, lets look around for the last guy.


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why this promotion not showing on the promotions page?? Its one of he best promotions but will get less interest if not made aware to all

I agree it’s one of the better tourneys offered here but I think the Promo’s are posted something like 2 weeks before they start. So, probably this weekend but I may be wrong??

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You aren’t wrong! We’re actually just waiting on finalizing graphics and a bit more text on the page, and it will likely be up by tomorrow. Additional messaging such as emails will go out soon as well. :slight_smile:


great thanks for the update - lets all push this great promo and get a record number of teams registered, so excited :slight_smile:


Its one of the hightlights of the year here in the Replay i think!! Go Wolfpack!!