The Summer Hustle - Better to have max. number of tables simultaneously to play?

Because other players didn’t like that I played on multiple tables(3) hence this topic.
Played all day with 3 tables still nowhere near first place.:wink:

Good luck at the tables! Great site, thanks Replay.


Hi @VZo , as they say, got to play to win. GL at the tables

You can play as many tables as you want :+1:t2:


Or as many tables as you can as we age lol. I just hope everyone has fun in the process!!!

If u want to make it into scoring positions you need to play LOTS & LOTS of hands! You can 1. play all day - bc who needs sleep - and/or 2. play at least 2 tables simultaneously. Also avoid 9MAX bc u will play less hands per hour.

A lot of players complain about players playing multiple tables, & YES some are deff painfully slow. I play 2 tables most of the time faster than most players can play one. I have a friend that regularly plays 4 tables even faster than me. Lots of players, that play these RP competitions will play 2 - 4 tables or more bc they know it scores points faster per hour of play. A lot of these players are also EXTREMEMLTY tight and fold almost every hand fast, which is why they are so VERY fast.

Compare that Competition player to the average player that slowly limps every hand and is slow on the flop, slow on the turn and slow on the river. I’d rather play against the Competition player multi-tabling anytime.

I tried 2 tables and I cannot even keep
up let alone 4 tables. I take my hat off to the players that are able to do that.


Can you sit at two different tables and play two different games at the same time in real life? No, because there’s only one of you. Same theory should apply here, how can one keep focused on multiple tables at once, it’s bound to go wrong.


Correct, that’s exactly why I can’t play more than 1 table at a time , too engaged in the table I’m playing at.

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I see players playing at 6 or 7 tables (seems unreal 2 me), thats why i was wondering… is that 1 person playing or more :wink:

nicely explained thank you

Hi, you play good poker

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Hi @Mannje1 Great to see you on the forum and hope you’ll come back often my friend, which I hope everyone is: Can’t have any enemy’s if one doesn’t allow it. But not a good player, just blessed to enjoy you and everyone here.

Yes! Pro players do play multiple tables live. Shaun Deeb is an example & one of many. OFC he cant sit at multiple tables at a time. It doesn’t stop him trying!

Online poker is different to live poker. Any pro poker player playing online will need to learn to play multiple tables to make any significant profit.

The more tables u play the more u will need to simplify your strategy.

Yes but all that will happen is that you will just slow the game down for others when it’s your turn at multiple tables at the same time. I just can’t see it working.

Finally… I succeeded with 4 tables playing
about 10 hours (i guess addicted to LoL) see Day 10: Wed, Jul 19, 2023 thanks all!!

The last thing I want to do is simplify my strategy. That’s a statement only a beginner poker player would say !

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I agree because doesn’t all that clicking add additional stress to your game when playing more than 1 table?


YES its a lot more stressful but sometimes this is a fun challenge if bored - depends on my mood etc. Playing 2x HU (1v1) is not easy and a little stressful. Playing 2x 6MAX is easy and obvious 9MAX is slower and easier again.

A friend was always complaining about the RNG and telling me crazy stories about players playing more than 1 table and so OFC they must be cheating!

I decided to try 4 tables 25/50 9MAX and send my winning results to disprove his crazy unjustified theories. I won fairly big between 3 tables and maybe broke even or lost a little on 1 table. The stakes are low so most players are not making my decisions difficult.

Its VERY intense and stressful over 1 hour or so!

I see no fun in that

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