The NFL Thread

We have no basketball team BUT Larry Bird was my favorite player ever and i was and still is a Celtic fan…Tatium going to bring another championship for us (with Browns help).

Yeo, lost a legend and hard to re-place, we lost Big Ben and we THINK we found our guy right next door (from Pitt) in Kenny Picket, saw ALL of his college games and he improved every year and expect him to win us a championship in a couple of years ( on his rookie salary so we can afford to fill our holes). N.E. has a good young QB and just signed JUJU ( played 5 years for us ) and he is decent.

Ok coach , lol :joy:

I never coached but played (slot back :slight_smile:

What ? For the Steelers??

Your Pitt team needs to find a trading partner like Denver - lol - speeds up the process by many yrs - in total - that trade essentially gave the Seahawks 4-5 starters - i just hope they stay away from Jalen Carter in the draft.

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I wish lol, college (W.V ) but my third year i tore my hip up really bad ( 2 operations) i was great in H.S. and average in college but i LOVE the game.

I work in sports now, and when i saw the Wilson trade i was like wtf as you could see 2 years ago, he was on the downside, you guys got away with highway robbery. (Still pissed at Wilson for throwing that interception at the 1 1/2 yard line instead of giving the ball to the Beast in championship and GIVING N.E. that win:(.

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Go PATS :football:

I understand the call to a point - you - me - everyone figured pound it - but at least either pass to sideline or roll out option - passing where they did was a bad call as 80% of the D was there to stop the run - argh - grrr - too many hands/ people there - was bound to get deflected or picked - ugh - at least now i have a future of watching a playoff contending team for a few yrs - lol – really hoping Anderson is a hawk - but i think they will trade down - if he is there and they trade down still - grrr - wanted jalen b4 i heard about him gaining weight and couldnt finish drills at school testing - breathing hard and cramping - with 5 and 20 - no trade down - we can have a top 5 D as many really good lineman will be there for the choosing - add 1 with Anderson - thats like whip cream on top of the sundae - lol - draft cant come soon enough - and again - thx Denver -

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Yep, bad enough for his off the field problems BUT he looked terrible trying to run and had to stop because he was winded:(…do not want him on my team either.

YEP, he threw the ball RIGHT in the middle of the whole defense…:(. If u going to throw, do like u said but i still run the ball.

He is better than he looked - the line was horrid in front of him - they have made some pick ups - he will look better - how much better ??? lol - but compared to last yr - a lot - lol

He isn’t worth all those draft picks and 1/4 billion dollars though…

to be honest - i dont think 85% of nfl contracts are worth it - i understand it is more than just playing the game - merchandise - tickets - ect - but can you honestly say any starting nfl qb is worth the money they are getting - just like euro soccer - its crazy - baseball as well - but this is an nfl thread - so - i agree with you - even more than you think - lol - you gotta love the guaranteed money - i dont blame any player for signing any contract- who wouldnt for those kinds of dollars. We cant forget - the players maybe making huge $ - but the people paying them are the real wealthy ones.

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Your right and now the QB making an average of $45 million a year and good running backs $10 million, great OL making $25 million a year. Can not touch the QB but RB and receivers get brain damage making far less now…but the owners making billions so the players deserve it…I only played a little college ball and H.S. and had 2 big operations, 2 or 3 conclusions (that i know of) and get bad head aches now etc…just imagine a pro’s life when he is 50 or 60 ( some with brain damage, can hardly walk etc. ). Our great receiver we let go (AB ) is on tv every couple of months for doing insane things (he took 2 many hits to the head i guess). Basketball players making 50 million a year now:)…I guess they keep us entertained and deserve it but how much is ENOUGH lol.

I understand and they do about short careers due to physical or mental injuries - hence - the dollars they get - i still think those dollars are too high - but if you compare to baseball - i say they are not paid enough - every game there will probably be 1 or more concussed - and 1 or more injured - maybe serious - thats every game - they do deserve to be the highest paid players by far. I just think salaries everywhere are crazy - incl football - but at least it can be justified through inj and future issues. As for AB - he was a character without the hits to the head - once he became big - his ego blew up - look at Jalen Carter - prob #1non QB taken - now - ??? skillz that killz - but a mentality worth shite - drinking and car racing a month b4 the draft - cmon - you have to be smarter than that. With that being said - i really hope my hawks stay away from him.

How can you put a price on an athlete’s health. Playing expectations are only about 5-7 years vs a regular occupation based on 40 years until retirement. If people are willing to pay attendance fees then it justifies salary also.

People will pay just about anything to be entertained.

Football is over, ya’ll crazy. Still read this, but nothing worth printing since the “Orange Crush”

Everything is worth printing, it’s trade time !