The MLB Thread

With Spring Training about to start I decided that now would be a good time to start the MLB Thread!

Who is your early pick to win the World Series? Me being from Boston I gotta go with my RedSox. We have a new manager this year and still have lots of talent on the field!

So who do you think is going to win the World Series?


Los Angeles Dodgers all the way this year. :sunglasses:

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Houston or cubs

Great thread idea Marc!
My teams wont be in the running this year, but I’ll still be rooting for my Orioles and Phillies.
I think the Angels might be a sleeper pick for the WS because of all the additions they made.

Spring Training games begin on Thursday!:baseball:


Spring Training games begin today! :slight_smile:



The Angels have been building a team for a LONG time! I think they have a shot this year!

I am Hoping my Tigers!! lol we are a longshot but I Love them

Opening day is almost here!!! March 29th!!!


Tomorrow’s the day!!!


First prediction for opening day tomorrow.


Chris Sale on the mound for the RedSox vs Rays.

Final score prediction

RedSox 3
Rays 1

My bold prediction for around the league…

We will see an opening day no hitter. It’s only been done once. I think we will see it again.


Happy Opening Day!!!


An ugly start of the season for me as far as making predictions lol. Maybe it will get better tomorrow. Happy to have the season started, Got to see a lot of baseball today.

Same here as far as my predictions go. Bottom of the 8th inning Redsox had a 4 - 0 lead and one of our relif pitchers walks 4 Batters and then gives up a triple. We lost 6 - 4.

Just glad Baseball is back!!!


Opening Day at a chilly Fenway Park! Go RedSox!!!


Current AL East standings:


The Dodgers got off to a slow start, not hitting at all for a while and wasted some very good pitching. Maybe they have got it together now. Just won 3 games in a row.; Are in 3rd place in their division. I haven’t given up on them . Kinda like a chip and a chair :sunglasses:

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