Sports Memorabilia

Do you have any Sports Memorabilia? Here are a few pieces from my sports Memorabilia collection.

David Ortiz memorabilia bat:

When Red Sox DH David Ortiz retired in 2016 they sold these limited edition bats with Ortiz’s career stats on it. I bought the case separately and it’s one of my best pieces in my collection.

Red Sox Posters:

The week before the 2016 MLB season started a local newspaper put these Red Sox posters in their newspapers. I collected them and bought frames for them and they are a nice part of my collection.

I talked about this before in the NFL thread but similarly I collected Patriots posters from the newspaper and that year the Patriots won the Super Bowl so the local newspaper ran a small story about me collecting the newspaper posters. I believe this was in 2015.

Finally when the Patriots defeated the Falcons in Super Bowl 51 I bought the Sports Illustrated Patriots Super Bowl collection. I got a Patriots themed Super Bowl Football, A book and Patriots Sports Illustrated jacket.

What’s in your sports memorabilia collection?



So cool–and the newspaper article is super cool! Way to go!

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My most prized item is a supporter once worn by Canadian curling superstar Marc Kennedy.

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Game worn boxer shorts from legendary curler Marc Kennedy,

Stylish briefs once owned by curling pro Marc Kennedy…

Personalized autographed photo of Marc Kennedy…

Autographed legal document by Marc Kennedy…


Nice collection Mark :+1:t2:. I can’t post everything I have but I know your a huge WWE fan so I will just post this. Do you know my friend Dwayne Johnson ? Lol this pic was around 1994.


Ahaha, ahaha. That is priceless :joy::joy::joy: