The NFL Thread

Any NFL Football fans here? With all 32 NFL teams in training camp and the NFL preseason starting on August 3rd with the Hall of Fame game between the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys I figured I’d start this thread to talk about Football!

I know it’s early but any picks for which team is going to win the Super Bowl this year? Since I’m from Massachusetts I have to go with my New England Patriots! It would be amazing for the franchise to win it’s sixth Super Bowl!

Another team other than the Patriots that I could see winning the Super Bowl is the Cowboys (Just hope they don’t play against each other!) Dak Prescott had a great season last year and I think he will be a great QB for the Cowboys for years to come.

It should be a great 2017 NFL season and the official start of the season is just about month away now! Opening night is September 7th!

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When I was 7 years old my Dad took me to my first football game , the Boston Patriots. Everyone sat on old wooden benches and if I had to guess I would say there were only a few hundred people at the game.

All these years later, back living in Rhode Island, 45 minutes from Gillette Stadium, season ticket holder and Patriot fan for life.

I feel another Super Bowl Championship coming up!!!


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That’s awesome!! I’ve read a few books on the history of the Patriots I remember reading that at one point they were also called the “Bay State Patriots”

I’ve been to 2 Patriots games at Gillette Stadium on game was a preseason game and the other was a regular season game. Actually it was the last home game of the year for the Patriots against the Titans. I was also able to attend a private Patriots practice inside the stadium that’s for season ticket holders only but I bought them from a friend. It was the same day that Willie Mcginest was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame so I went to that as well and I actually got there early so I went to “The Hall” at Patriots place and It was amazing! Not sure if you ever been to “The Hall” but if you haven’t you should! I believe it’s only like 20 bucks to get in.

When the Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 49 I traveled into Boston a few days later for the victory parade! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the parade after this past Super Bowl because I had another obligation but If we win again I plan on going into Boston!

Below is some footage I took from the 1 of the Patriots games I went to the home season finale in 2015 against the Titans, The Hall at Patriots place including video of the practice and the Parade after Super Bowl 49!

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That’s awesome !!! Big NFL fan here and I do some business with some teams. My friend who is a local college football coach, his daughter works in the front office for the Atlanta Falcons so naturally he is a Falcons fan and went to the Super Bowl and sat in the owners box. We were texting throughout the game then all of sudden the 4th quarter started and the texting stopped. I didn’t hear from him for 2 weeks lol.

My niece and her husband went to Bill Belichick daughters wedding on Nantucket Island I think maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago.

You should see those pictures that she won’t send to me.( top secret stuff I guess lol ).

She said that wedding had to cost $500,000 at least

Patriots and Jaguars August 10th 7:30 pm our time.

Can’t wait !!!

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Happy 40th Birthday to Tom Brady !!!

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Preseason starts tonight! Cardinals vs Cowboys!

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Bunch of cheaters.


Sorry Marc - have to side with Sarah on this one!

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Who New England?

The Arizona Cardinals took the loss in their preseason opener, falling to the Dallas Cowboys 20-18 in the Hall of Fame Game.



Texans vs Panthers tonight 7:30 pm EST.


Patriots fan as well having lived in MA since 1985. But retired now and spend the winter in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. I was worried that I would not get to see many games even though so many of the Pats games are nationally televised. However, I did not count on soooo mant Pats fans living in FL. In fact, there are two bars within walking distance of my condo that are owned by Bostonians. So, it turns out, that it is MORE fun being a Pats fan in 80 degree Florida than it ever was in Boston. :sunglasses:


@ScubaKing Awesome!!!

Panthers 27 - Texans 17 last night.

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New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars tonight 7:30 pm EST.

Go Pats :+1:t2::football::us:

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Ready for tonight!

Chicken Wings :white_check_mark:
Cheese , Crackers and Pepperoni :white_check_mark:
Drinks :white_check_mark:

I know it’s only preseason but I’m so hyped Patriots Football is back!


Hahahaha, that’s like the list I did for the WSOP lol.

Enjoy tonight Marc !!! See you on this thread tomorrow my friend.

Go Patriots!!! :football:

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