The Guessing Game


10…the Orville Seth MacFarlane
9… Lucifer .Tom Ellis

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  1. Round??? No, not really LOL
  2. About your keys I’m “clueless”
  3. Pity bully has only 5 letters. Can it be buller? (From John Bull)

Both correct @feelmysins well done! 8 more to go :slight_smile:


No Miri, All incorrect. You’re far off. Guess again :slight_smile:

I’ll give you (and everyone) a hint: the answers are in the questions :wink:

  1. shark
  2. royal
  3. underdog
  4. I’m still of the opinion that drawing is the best answer LOL

Am stuck!


@miri123 you are correct about the first 3
1 is shark (crash deformed becomes sharc and the correct spelling is shark)
2 is royal (a dog is loyal)
3 yes that’s where my keys were lol. underdog

here are a couple of hints for the remaining 2:
4 starts with W
and 5 is about what I lost in 3

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Maya, you showed the sadistic side of your character. Good to know! LOL
One can get lost in the meanders of your thoughts. LOL These are my last two guesses, then I give up.

  1. Could it be whiners? First, because of Wieners as German or Austrian sausages, and second, because of Wiener as inhabitants of Vienna (in German).
  2. The most appropriate title would be “The Mystery of the Lost Keys and the Loyal Dog”, but you might mean Donkeys (Don + Keys)

Well I have to admit, this time the questions weren’t very good lol.
6 is indeed donkeys, and 5 is whales.
I’ll try to be less cryptic next time hehe.
Time for a new one?


Well, there is cryptic and there is Maya-cryptic :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

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Stupid me! I knew the answer to no. 5 had something to do with UK, but I didn’t see Wales and Welch or Scotland and Scots as a poker term. This was actually a very good question! :slight_smile:


wow it seems there is still a lot to watch that i wasn’t aware of yet haha :slight_smile:

2: continuum
4: grimm
7: salem?

can’t think of something on the other 5

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Only Grimm is correct.

Salem is a good guess, but I was thinking American Horror Story.

6 remain to be guessed.

1 They are 4 sisters but you only see 3 at a time
2 He doesn’t use a machine to time travel
3 They use a spaceship to time travel
5 & 6 are related
8 Hell’s Kitchen is the place

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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5 The vampire diaries
6 Klaus and Hope Mikalson
7 The American Horror Story. Apocalypse
8 Blind justice

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1 Charmed
2 Quantam Leap
3 Doctor Who
8 Daredevil

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@Matchstk Charmed and Daredevil are correct, well done.

@feelmysins AHS Apocalypse is correct. 5 & 6 are very close, but the correct answers are: 5 The Originals (spin off of the vampire diaries) and 6 Legacies (spin off of The Originals with Hope Mikaelson as the main character after Klaus’s death). Well done.

Only 2 & 3 are left. Quantum Leap and Doctor Who are good guesses, but the shows I’m thinking of are much more recent, both from the same universe. I’ll try to make them much easier to guess: in 2 the superhero travels through time and space using his speed, and in 3 the heroes travel in time using a spaceship and sometimes both shows have crossovers with 2 other shows of the same universe :slight_smile:

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2&3 could have meant a lot, but considering the additional information 2 kinda must be the flash (haven’t seen much DC so maybe that explains why they were hard :slight_smile:)
3 however would be a wild guess, but since u mentioned they are related i gonna guess arrow?

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2 is The Flash well done.

3 is Legends of Tomorrow.

The 2 other shows they have crossovers with are Supergirl and Arrow :slight_smile:

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here is another one, this time about games. i’ll do varying ways and difficulties in explaining them this time. 2 hints:

A: they are all rpg’s
B: it’s not nessecary to name the specific game. the series are enough.

here the quiz:

1: the archdemon leads the darkspawn but is actually a corrupted old god
2: most quests require you to kill a boss monster, of which you can use his body parts to make better gear
3: the four horsemen of the apocalypse are here to fight creatures from heaven and hell
4: this game got his name because the company thought it would be the last fantasy game they would ever make because they were going broke, however this game was such a succes that they are still in buseness till today
5: prepare to die
6: there are 5 main timelines where we can time travel to. and it’s possible to clear the game without doing anything at all to progress the story as long as you’re powerful enough
7: disney characters are combined with characters from another rpg
8: metal slimes give a lot of exp
9: we have the aedra and the daedra, the daedric princes are the best known evil gods
10: you can play for free or pay real money to get membership, there are also items called bonds which you can buy with in game money to get 2 weeks of membership

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here the 1000th post.
had to do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: