The Guessing Game

  1. Register not registering but giving it you! - re. gist. ER and it is question 1, not 4

Number 4 begins with the letter s, and think what is sweet!





Success + ions = Successions :nerd_face:


What is the period of time you are in the womb before birth called?


I can only think of suggestions. :slight_smile:






Always easy when you know the answer!!


So sug is sugar without the right part. But what’s the womb period?


Absolutely! I actually always think my questions are sooooooo easy. LOL

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Gestation + remove at


You know I thought of every single prenatal word except gestation? lol. Nice one!

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I actually had the answer yesterday already, but I couldn’t see the “gestation”, and I didn’t want to overflow the thread with my wild guesses. LOL
But you confirmed it by talking about “womb”. :slight_smile:


I had the answer since gestation, but I forgot it now that I’m an adult :joy::joy::joy:

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Here are some easy ones for you :slight_smile:
All poker relaterd.

  1. After the crash, the plane got deformed (5 letters)
  2. Could almost be said about my dog. Almost. (5 letters)
  3. Which reminds me, where are my keys? (8 letters)
  4. A type of players, not necessarily from the UK (6 letters)
  5. What I lost earlier, I gave a title to (7 letters)


  1. Underbet?



There is where my keys (and many other things) are. LOL
OK, now I must work. Darn!

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And while the cryptic solvers are busy with this quiz, here’s another one for the fantasy and sci-fi lovers. @yiazmat hint hint :wink::wink:

Name the show:

  1. 4 very powerful sisters
  2. Always messing with the timeline from Earth
  3. Always messing with the timeline from Space
  4. Only he and his family can see their true faces
  5. If one of them dies, their entire sire line dies with them
  6. His daughter the tribrid is now in a special school
  7. The witches fought the Antichrist
  8. Who needs eyes to fight evil?
  9. He left his kingdom to work in a police station
  10. A very funny multi-talented man is now the captain of a spaceship

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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  1. Drawing? (dr + owing)