The Guessing Game

This is a game that I hope will be fun for everyone and that many will participate. It’s a guessing game. I will upload 20 seconds of a song, or give a few words of some lyrics, and you have to guess the song. Or I’ll upload a blurred pic of a celebrity and you have to guess who it is. I’ll post the questions one a time, and will give the answer after 24 hours and see who got it right (or maybe earlier if it’s guessed before), then I’ll post the next question, and so on…
Please try to guess the answer using your own knowledge and skill, and do not use Google or Shazam or any other apps to help you, just to be fair to everyone. I hope you like the thread and hope to have as many participants as possible. Enjoy :blush:


I’m hoping this one is easy. Here’s the first 20 seconds of a famous song, can you guess it?


I’m thinking NOT Footloose, but I can’t think of the name of the band OR the song. :frowning: However, I can sing the tune, just not the lyrics.


Excellent job @wildpokerdude


Here’s another fairly easy one. But they’re gonna get harder :slight_smile:

The first 17 seconds of a famous song. Can you guess it?

The Bee Gees, How deep is your love.


Wow! @flashlight too quick and too correct :+1:

You guys are good. Only 2 more easy ones to get warmed up and then we’re moving to the difficult stuff :slight_smile:

Can you guess the celebrity in this pic?


Looks like Cher to me


That could ONLY be Cher!


@flashlight and @JanCee you are both correct.


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Ok last easy question before the hard ones start.

From which famous song are these lyrics taken:

There’s nothing I fear

You’re here , there’s nothing I fear
and I know that my heart will go on

My heart will go on. Celine Dion.
… too easy lol

This was used in the movie “Titanic” but what was the name of the blue diamond Rose threw into the water??

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Perfect @whoeverit yes of course it’s My Heart Will Go On.

Heart of the Ocean was the name of the diamond :wink:

Now for the next question, you need to guess who all 3 people in the following distorted pics are. For an answer to be correct, all 3 people should be named correctly.


No 3 is definitely Miss Piggy lol

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You’re sooooo gonna regret this :laughing:

Keep guessing. You need to guess all 3 :wink:


I hope the lady who first liked my comment will forgive my silly sense of humour. lol


Jennifer Aniston
Brad Pitt
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