The Guessing Game


1 - Dragon Age
5 - Dark Souls
7 - Kingdom Hearts
8 - Dragon Quest (my fav)
9 - Elder Scrolls

EDIT: I’m guessing 4 might be Final Fantasy (which I’ve never played, sacrilege!)?

EDIT 2: 2 might be Monster Hunter?


Welcome back @fizzymint
How was your holiday?


Thank you, it was wonderful! And worth whatever bug I seem to have caught along the way. :mask:

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Glad you had a good time! Sorry to hear about the bug, but you’ll kill it I’m sure :slight_smile:
Happy to have you back!!!

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@fizzymint good to hear you had a nice holiday :+1:

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correct on every one of them, well done :+1: . fun to see you also like rpg’s :grin:

only 3,6 and 10 are left to guess

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sorry, but that’s not the one.
hint: the protagonist has a similar name to the game.




yup that’s the one :+1:


Love RPGs! Not enough to figure out the last ones I’m stumped on though. :wink:

My favorite genre and I play a LOT of games.

Got any other clues for the last ones or just sharing the answers? I’m dying to know!

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very nice :grin::+1:

ok, i’ll give another clue first, and if still no one knows afterwards i’ll give the answers.

6: the main timelines i spoke of are these: prehistory, antiquity, middle ages, present and future

10: it’s an MMORPG played in gielinor

gl :wink:


OH! 6 is Chrono Trigger!

And 10 is Runescape? Never played that one either and always felt like I missed out.

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yup, right on both of em, wd :+1:

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i’ll do another one about rpg’s then :slight_smile:. this time it IS about specific games. i’ll post some bosses, and obviously, the game is to guess which game they belong to.
good luck.

1: chaos witch quelaag
2: crosell
3: empyrea
4: yu yevon
5: gismor
6: jeyne kassynder
7: yiazmat (can’t miss this one in my list can i? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
8: baal lord of destruction
9: dream devourer
10: rigor mortex

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Yiazmat is from Final Fantasy :slight_smile:
I’ll let others guess the rest. Just wanted to answer this one :relaxed:

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well 8 is Diablo II

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haha np :grin:

you are completely right, just have to add you still miss the specific game of FF it’s from :wink:

yup, it’s diablo II :+1:


12 :slight_smile:

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@fizzymint beat me to the last one so I guess I need to jump in quick…

#1 is Dark Souls

Side note: I may miss a few days when Blizzard finally releases Diablo IV :smiley: