Nonsense 2

since the other thread is closed, i’ll just make another one :slight_smile:

only one rule here, don’t post anything serious or anything that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:. everyone who attempts to be serious will be sent to jail, or i come after you into a clown suit, your choice.


Clown suit ? Ahhhhh :astonished:

I hate the way my hands feel when I’m rolling out homemade meatballs so my sister bought me a box of food prep gloves lol.

Random thoughts…

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i could also explain how my hands feel when i’m rolling my meatballs, but i guess that my hands aren’t the most important part when doing that, just a thought :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Post a last did rule slippery break, but Yiaz jail carrot go no shampoo 200$.

Evar da burrr, grib niv … snuffaluffagus !!


medloh esrever llac yeht tahw siht si


I agree LOL ! Merry Christmas !

Why did the tomato turn red?
Because he saw the salad dressing.


Hahahahaha :+1:t2:

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this :grin:

esrever ni daer t’nac i .ti teg t’nod i huh

I really wish I knew what that says lol :joy:

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

Is this what they call reverse holdem - Merry Christmas!

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so now guess what i said lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m driving to my daughter and grandsons house in a snowstorm and I heard my phone ding with a message from here so I pulled over so I could text back. “ reverse hold em “ hahahahaha :+1:t2: Yup lol

Merry Christmas


you people are pretty cool ! lol.

try using your feet. lol.

Wheatgrass tires drink thorny tablecloths after frozen bowling balls supernova.

1 tequila
2 tequila
3 tequila


hahaha, i can put them in my neck but never tried that lol

5 tequila
6 tequila
7 tequila
No more !!


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8 tequila
9 tequila
10 tequila
hello grandpa :smile:

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