The Guessing Game


Yes Miri, correct :slight_smile:
Wars are waged when the leader is bored. Leader + bored. Leaderboard. Well done :clap:


Good question about the contract! Had me thinking a lot about who else signed it, then I realized you just meant the other party LOL

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i’ll gonna do 2 shorter ones this time:

this one is about eragon:
1: who was the one that killed brom’s dragon?
2: who killed most of the dragonriders?
3: what does kvistr mean?
4: what is a shade?
5: which loved one is lost shortly after saphira grew up?

here some references to certain series, just say which they are about:
1: after working in the morgue, i sometimes can prevent the death from happening
2: two brothers are hunting certain creatures
3: the world ended, but we are in space as the only survivers, we go back five years in time to prevent it from happening again
4: 36 people have the power to see the future through numbers and patterns
5: after waking up in the hospital, i see the world is changed by a dangerous virus, death is not the same anymore.


First part

  1. Morzan
  2. Galbatorix
  3. Branch
  4. Those who use magic and get possessed
  5. Uncle Garrow?

Second part

  1. Tru Calling
  2. Supernatural (One of my all time favorites)
  3. The 100
  4. Flash forward? (Not sure about this one)
  5. The Walking Dead
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very nice, correct on all of them :+1:

nice but this time there are a few mistakes. 1,2 and 5 are all correct. however 3 and 4 are not.


is 3 Odyssey 5 then?

4 is still confusing me lol. Is it Touch?

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nice, both are right this time, wd :+1:

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A few easier ones for the crossword buffs!

  1. About getting the main points the Queen concludes (8)

  2. Procure enough sustenance to see you through the day (3, 5)

  3. Good heavens, mother is having a laugh! (5)

  4. At the length of time before you appear included, is sweet without a right idea (11)

All poker related, have fun!


The first answer that came into my mind was no. 2: is it pot limit?


Lol no, !!


LOL It was not illogical though!

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These are the best guesses I could come with before dinner.

  1. Endscore (core is the main point and concludes is ends, but where is the Queen, I wonder)
  2. Fee entry (this is the fee I can give you, try if you can manage it). Or is it entry fee? LOL
  3. Bluff (if your mom’s name is Bianca)

I haven’t read no. 4 yet. I’ll give it a more serious try later. It is easier to think with a full stomach :slight_smile:


Sorry, none right, have dinner first!


I knew they were incorrect! I was joking. :slight_smile:
OK, no. 3 could be omaha


Correct, 3 is Omaha!

  1. Procure enough sustenance … Buy chips or win chips??
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Buy (procure) chips is correct, well done!


Can we know the first letter for 1 and 4 ? :slight_smile:

  1. Registering??

I’m lost here.
Could no. 1 be analysis? (because of Lizzie)