The Guessing Game


Maybe these are easier? They’re all Replay related :slight_smile:

  1. When this happens wars could be waged (11 letters)
  2. Are you for or against political movements? (10 letters)
  3. What follows my name precedes a game (9 letters)
  4. The food is no longer in prison (8 letters)
  5. If it wasn’t for one female, this would’ve been hell (10 letters)



both true, even though friend was 4 :wink: the missing one was indeed minas morgul.
and lol to the last one, but i assume the joke refers to nr8 instead of 4 :rofl:

everything that’s answered is right, wd :+1:

first time i thought of a question that our fantasy queen didn’t knew :grin:

here a small hint for both unanswered questions:
6: the last name you didn’t knew, is actually a very straightforward name.
10: you indeed don’t get anyone else to see who’s signing the contract, however you do get to see who have signed it.

no problem, feel free to mention when you finished em and i’ll make another one :+1:

2: dealmaking?
3: omaha hilo?

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Unfortunately both are wrong. Please try again :slight_smile:

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Orc killer? LOL

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it’s wrong but youre probably closer then you think :slight_smile:


At a first read, they don’t seem all too easy. Nevertheless, I’ll open the dances with a nonsense:
2 Protesting (I am in favour of testing them) LOL
No, it is probably promotions

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Another guess:
3 signboard?


One more:
4 Freeroll (LOL)

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2 Promotions and 4 Freeroll are correct! Well done :clap:
3 is close but wrong and 1&5 remain to be guessed.


Oh, then it is dashbard :slight_smile:
I have no time now, but I’ll think about the other two later, if nobody else will have guessed them.


Dashboard is correct, well done.


Is no. 5 tournament by any chance? (torment + una)


Yes Miri, correct again, 5 is tournament. Brava!

1 left to be guessed :slight_smile:

  1. Elimination?

hand basket


I’m afraid not. Guess again.

Think of who might wage a war and why.


Do you mean Thorin?
It was signed by Thorin first, and witnessed by Balin, if that’s what you were referring to.


Goblin Cleaver? Had to look this one up lol.


yup, that’s the right answer :+1:

true, thanks for your honesty :slight_smile: but i assume since no one else tried to answer it it’s fine :+1:

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After swearing at you for a while (not true! LOL), I came to the conclusion that you might mean Leaderboard!