The Guessing Game


Juicee, I’ve never heard of the country Mandagal! Where is it? Or is it a fictional location from a literary work?
It reminds me of the opening line to Daphne du Maurier’s most famous novel, “Rebecca”: “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.”


Juicee, you deleted your post in which you wrote “Mandagal” as an answer, so my previous response doesn’t make any sense.
And you replaced it with a new post which is cryptic indeed! LOL

What do you mean??? What are you complaining about?
Of course guesses are welcome, especially because guessing is what we all do! We try a guess, and if itsn’t correct we try again.
But should we say a response is correct, if it isn’t?

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i think i get it, watch the first letters :wink:
still don’t getting the connection with the cryptic question however. but that’s probably cuz im terrible at cryptic riddles :joy:

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LOLOLOL You are right, Yiazmat. Well, unfortunately itsn’t the correct answer. I mean, Mandagal isn’t the correct answer to my question. LOLOL

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ty :grin:
but still don’t get the connection with the riddle however :wink:

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Me neither. And I don’t get the “cryptic message”. You are an expert of sci-fi, you might venture a guess.

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maybe a man joke? since your question was about that?
can’t think of anything else that could make sense

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My question required a country as an answer. LOL And grapevine gave already the correct answer: Uruguay.
All countries have been guessed, except these two:
Peter, Paul and Mary are from down under. (Hint: they are not really from down under, they are only representative for a special group)
Plead Mr. Brown! (Hint: Brown is the surname of a famous writer)

  1. Sudan?
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Yes, well done! :+1: (Sue Dan = Sudan)


now that i’m here anyway, lets do another one. this time lord of the rings/the hobbit:

1: who is the strongest of the nazgul
2: there are two cities with the word “minas” in it, which 2 are they?
3: who are tom, bert and willem?
4: what does the elfish word “mellon” mean?
5: what’s the difference between narsil and anduril?
6: two swords are called the beater and biter in goblin language, what are the english and elfish names?
7: how are the three elven rings named?
8: what’s the biggest difference you only get to see in the extended edition of the return of the king (hint: it’s in the beginning of the movie)
9: how many magic rings are there
10: who had to sign the contract besides bilbo?

have fun :slight_smile:

  1. I know Minas Tirith, but not the other.
  2. Friend
  3. An extra six hours of content, because the editors thought the original three hour and twenty minute run time wasn’t long enough.
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1 The witch king
2 Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul
3 The 3 trolls who were about to eat Bilbo and the others
4 Friend (as @WannabeCoder mentioned already)
5 Narsil was the name of the sword before it was reforged and renamed Anduril
6 Beater is Glamdring or Foe-Hammer and Biter is Orcrist (don’t know another name for it)
7 Nenya, Narya and Vilya (the 4th one was named Maya but it’s not in the books lol)
8 The death of Saruman ?
9 3 for elves, 7 for dwarves, 9 for men, and 1 to rule them all. So 20 in total.
10 I don’t remember anyone other than Bilbo signing the contract.

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Saint something? lol
St Lucia?

Or Holland (for holy)

My best guesses for now :slight_smile:


It was my fault. I didn’t notice Peter, Paul and Mary could be mistaken for saints. :slight_smile:
I should have said, much more correctly, Barry, Maurice and Robin (do notice the number of people as a group).


Austria? As in “us three”?


The country is indeed Austria, but I rather thought of “Oz Trio”. LOL But “Us Three” is great!
Well, the goal is all that matters! Very well done, Maya! :clap:


That explains the Bee Gees and the down under reference LOL.


Wd Maya, was totally stuck on that one! :+1::champagne:

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To find a famous trio, I googled “Most famous musical trios”, and the first were Peter, Paul and Mary. Sorry! It was Google’s fault! LOL
I wish I could participate in the “Lord of the Rings” quiz. :frowning:
I have the trilogy by Tolkien, given me by an English friend of mine. Although I hate not to read books which friends think I might enjoy, I couldn’t get past the first pages.
All tell me I would love the TV series, and maybe one day I’ll watch them.
@Yiazmat, please do post another quiz on it in six months. :slight_smile:

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