The Guessing Game


I was so sure chipleader was correct… cher + I plea LOL

Is it discussion?


Or distribute


D is cuss ION. :+1::handshake:


Great questions, thanks! :slight_smile:
I was not certain about “strategy”, because I couldn’t see the old English penny. What is it?

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Abbreviation for pounds, shillings and pence was L S D !

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Thanks, I learned something new. :slight_smile:

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While we are waiting for Yiazmat, Maya or others to challenge all our sci-fi experts, here are six cryptic definitions that will probably make you groan! :grinning: All answers are countries.

  1. That’s bothering! All those cats and dogs! (7 letters)
  2. Peter, Paul and Mary are from down under. (7 letters)
  3. Plead Mr. Brown! (5 letters)
  4. Don’t forget to put that boy’s bronzing spray in the suitcase. (8 letters)
  5. Tell him he is a man! (7 letters)
  6. Neil Diamond has no money any more. (9 letters)

yup, that’s the one :+1:

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Wylla (cheated)


Juicee, I am sorry to say there is not a single correct one.
It seems to me, you just guessed some countries (and Wylla or America are not among them) without reading the definitions, but the answers are all based on them. They are sort of puns.

Maybe I’ll better explain with an example.
Let’s look at no. 4.
You look for another way of saying “put something in a suitcase”, and another word for bronzing spray. You put them together and you’ll have the name of a country.
It’s the same with all the others.

Do you care to try again?


Might that be Pakistan Miri :heart_eyes:

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LOL Indeed it is! :+1: (Pack his tan = Pakistan)


6, singapore


Yes! Well done! :+1: (Singer poor)


nope, :wink: I thought I had them right, or at least 5, So I will have to work on understanding these at some other point as time permits. But I wish others luck & skill when answering them, My brain is exercised for today Thanks. :exploding_head:


1 Bahrain?
5 Romania?


Yes, Maya, it is indeed Bahrain (Bah! Rain!), Brava! :clap:

No. 5 is not correct. Now do tell him he is a man not a gal! (But keep it clean, please! LOL)

  1. Uruguay?
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Yes, it is Uruguay! (You’re a guy). Brava, Grapevine! :+1: