The Guessing Game


Super quiz - more please and well done all :clap::raised_hands:


it seems im a bit late, might have got the last one right but should have been faster :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

nice, you’ve got good help as they are all right :+1:

oops lol, my mistake :slight_smile:

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since anime isn’t a popular subject here, so i’ll do another one of fantasy/scifi movies and series. this time locations instead of quotes:

1: storybrooke
2: idris
3: hardhome
4: hometree
5: hope plaza
6: the glade
7: osgiliath
8: promise city
9: mount weather
10: oceanic flight 815

have fun :slight_smile:

  1. Once upon a time (one my favorite shows)
  2. Shadow hunters? (I love this show btw)
  3. GOT
  4. Avatar
  5. Terra Nova
  6. Maze Runner??
  7. LOTR
  8. I’m gonna say the 4400 but not sure
  9. The 100
  10. Lost (of course lol)

Now please stop exposing my fantasy nerd side! :joy::joy::joy:


very nice, all 10 correct again :+1:

haha don’t worry, i actually like that side of you :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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lets do a more specific one this time, game of thrones. i’ll put it under a spoiler bar for the obvious reasons:

1: which dragon has turned into a wight dragon by the night king?
2: put the right person with the right dragon
A rhaenys 1 vhagar
B aegon 2 meraxes
C visenya 3 balerion
3: in season 1, there was a name mentioned of the person that would be jon snows mother, what was this name?
4: how did white walkers come to exist?
5: whats the name of the sword that jaime gave to brienne
6: which house has a banner with a sun pierced by a spear
7: the name nymeria appears twice in the present of the series, which character does it belong to?
8: which of the following doesn’t kill a white walker?
A: dragonglass
B: fire
C: valerian steel
9: which house is known to regulary have sex with siblings
10: at which name is sandor clegane better known of?

gl :+1:


And this time I will let someone else answer lol


np :slight_smile:

  1. Viserion
  2. Rhaenys rode Meraxes, Aegon the Conquerer rode Balerion the Dread, Visenya rode Vhagar
  3. Lyanna Stark
  4. The Children of the Forest created them to fight against men (they got a little more than they bargained for.)
  5. Oathkeeper
  6. Dornish … um, House Martell?
  7. Nymeria is Arya’s direwolf, forced out on her own early in the story to protect her. There are two other characters who share this name - an ancient queen-warrior who united Dorne and one of the Sand Snakes, named Nym for short.
  8. Fire may destroy the wights, but it seems to have no effect on the Walkers themselves, doesn’t seem to even touch them.
  9. House Targaryen regularly wed brother to sister to maintain the purity of their bloodline (though they overlooked the psychological effects of inbreeding. A Targaryen is born, flip a coin.)
  10. The Hound.

I’ve read the novels so many times (c’mon Martin - finish Book 6 already!!) and binge-watched the show repeatedly. I greatly prefer the novels, as the show has taken liberties with the story and inflicted suffering on every female character which didn’t happen in the books. But when it gets things right, it’s pure joy.




very nice, i really like you additional explanations :slight_smile::+1:

they are all right except nr3. i’ll explain it a little below, i also like to add a small mention to nr 4 and 7

3: you are right that lyanna stark is the REAL mother of jon snow, however this wasn’t known yet in season 1, it was mentioned much later, in the end of season 6. in other words, it couldn’t have been mentioned in S1, so in other words, the name mentioned is part of the cover up story that’s made in order to protect him

4: probably fun to add is that they were made by shoving dragonglass into a humans heart
7: first of all, very nice explanation. just like to add that i mentioned “in the present” into my question, in other words i was referring only to the direwolf and the sand snake. as the warrior queen was from far into the past :slight_smile:



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Calling the Cryptic buffs, here are three to keep you busy, all poker related!

  1. Figures are right in the middle, but could be nervous without an old English penny! (8)

  2. A small particle is reduced at the end and is followed by a Royal (8)

  3. Singer is caught swearing inside (10)

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It is mean that I see my favourite quizzes only now, shortly before midnight, when I was about to go and sleep.
Nevertheless, I’ll venture three sleepy guesses, which actually don’t make much sense to me. :smile:
If the questions will be still unanswered tomorrow morning, I’ll think again about them while sipping my morning coffee. :slight_smile:

  1. Strategy (because of rates)
  2. Stacking or Tracking?
  3. Checkraise (and I ask myself, why the heck? LOL)

Yawning over my first cup of coffee, I venture two more guesses. :grin:

1 Straight
3 Chipleader

  1. Correct (Strategy).
  2. Yes, but think a little more which of the two is right
  3. No where near!

Think Runaround Sue!


Ok so 1 is strategy, is 2 tracking? I vote for tracking lol.
And is 3 outlasting? I don’t know why I’m so focused on Sting as the singer :slight_smile:

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Tracking correct, and you have the right idea thinking of a particular singer!


Disgusting? LOL
Can we know the first letter?