SWAG CONTEST: Happy birthday, Replay! Share what age you started playing poker for a shot at a swag or chips!

The King is about to turn the big 1-8! :partying_face:

Replay’s 18th birthday is just around the corner, and we want to celebrate by offering you a variety of promotions, including special missions, multipliers, and freerolls! There are more details to come, but first …

We’re kicking things off with a chance to win Replay swag! We’re giving out a hoodie, baseball cap, and tumbler featuring our Replay birthday King logo. The design will be revealed very soon.

All you need to do to enter is reply to this thread and tell us:

How old were you when you started playing poker?

Did your older siblings teach you as a kid? Did you take up the hobby in retirement? We’d love to know!

Winners will be randomly chosen to receive one of three pieces of swag, or 100k chips. The amount of chip winners will be determined by entries, with a minimum of five. Check back on October 19th to find out if you’ve won! :birthday:


Let me be the first to say :wink: I started playing around the age of fifteen, but watched it being played earlier still. My father and mother and her siblings would get together on weekends and play cards and drink vodka, lots of vodka. I took it upon myself to whip up trays of sandwiches and would sometimes sit on my father’s lap and he would explain the game to me :exploding_head:. The house was full with aunties :wink: and uncles and cousins and it is a time I look back on with joy. So, happy birthday replay for giving me some joy and thanks to all the players who I’ve come across who brought still more joy. Cheers!


I started playing when I was about 16 with friends , we didn’t play often but always had a blast . My brother was the one who got me started in online poker later on in my life and I have been playing ever since then .


I started, like a lot of people, right after Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event. First time I’d seen much poker on TV. I thought, I can do that.


The joy of poker came late in life for me - at the ripe old age of 40 when I received a computer for the grand occasion! My family decided it was the best way to keep me quiet and it worked! As a child I lived in a remote part of the country, and had few opportunities for making friends to play card games with, so a computer opened up a whole new world of fun games to me, and Replay and Poker soon became my favourite.
Gosh, the mistakes I made when learning the game on my first little site, but after 10 years on Replay I have become better at controling my fingers and realised that the fold button is there for a reason!
I look forward every day to the time when I can switch on my computer and join the Replay family in one of the many games - MTT, ring or the very occasional sit & go, and the special friend I have made since learning poker has become an important part of my life.
Thank you Replay, and Happy Birthday :birthday:


I have watched family friday night poker games from early childhood and started playing with family after graduating from High School. We played nickle dime back then but graduated to dollar limit and 4 raises after playing for about 4 years…great fun and sometimes quite profitable :slight_smile:

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I don’t remember exactly, I’d say back in the 80’s before anyone even heard of hold-em.
My buddies and I used to have poker parties at someone’s home, don’t think anyone lost more than about 50 bucks, not sure if the biggest winner even made 200.
The deal would shift around the table, each guy that was dealer could pick whichever game he liked, between 5 card draw, 5 card stud, 7 card stud, Baseball, Chicago, high low, lowball…even no-peekie, they was probably a few more, like Indian, lol.

The local card house played lowball, which used to be my favorite game back then. My friend won the jackpot once which others at the table got a portion when his 64321 lost to the wheel. Good times.

I was around 15/16 in high school. Never stopped after starting. Made a ton of money playing with my fellow Marines taking paychecks from all. Happy “18th birthday Replay “ . Where’s the party ? :joy:

My grandmother kept her coins in a pineapple cookie jar. She’d open the jar and grab a handful and place the coins in the middle of the table. Then the cards appeared, and we were betting two cents at a time. I was about 7. I can also remember her coming in where I was working with a deck of cards 15 years later. She’d pull a chair over to the counter and we’d get a few hands in.


I started playing poker when I was 12 with my downstairs neighbour. We would play small tourneys with some of the local kids and battle against our parents for chump change; it was all in good fun and quite entertaining.

I started playing when I got out of high school. Really got into it while in the service. Was not much to do in Vietnam so we played poker nearly every evening. We had a built in poker table in sick bay. It was called and examination table.

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I guess I got a late start. Started playing around the age of 40 when I was stationed in Afghanistan. Our squadron had a weekly Morale Welfare and Recreation tournament, and the game was Texas Hold’em. A fun time was had by all and I was hooked.

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I started playing in my senior year of high school. I was a horrible player until I figured out that I didn’t need to play every hand. I later learned about odds and outs which helped a great deal. I have never played for big money though. It’s just a fun hobby/pastime for me.

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When I was about 22yrs old I left the busy City and bought several Tobacco farms right on the Tenn-Virginia state lines. The moonshiners and local constable with few neighbors liked to play poker at My House because of long winding road to My place… Easy to tell when someone was walking or driving up by the barking dogs-Chickens squaking etc…etc… I slowly started to play and was always a Hoot and a half for All involved…

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I learned poker on a train I was 10. I noticed two people in the section across from me playing a game I had heard of but didn’t understand. I started watching and they invited me to join their game of 5 card draw poker for play chips. They taught me the rules and I assume let me win. I learned Texas Hold’em from a friend in college who brought cards and chips to school one day during the Moneymaker boom.

Of curiosity Is there a Replay store when I can purchase these items, should I not win this contest?

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There is , click on the arrow next to your avatar, scroll down in the menu, there you will find : swagstore

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I started playing poker when i was around 20, a couple friends from my work asked me to join them and play online and i never looked back. I loved the game so much as well as the friendships i have acquired over the years.

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I started playing on-line poker when I was 35 ish after ESPN gave us the Moneymaker effect airing the WSOP main event.

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About 10yrs old & of course I wasn’t very good & thought everyone was cheating, So I didn’t play very often.

Not often enough to get reasonably good at it.

Later as I got My own residence, I held My regular OSCAR MADISON poker parties.

Myself as OSCAR MADISON type host, Lots of Fun, Food & Hilarity ensued! :bomb:

Started playing in my teens, early 60.s. Played for match sticks or bottle caps and keep a record of who owed and usually collected at a later date. In the Marines in '69 played for the smokes from the rations, then sold them to those that smoked Was the good TIMES.