CONTEST - Replay Swag Store Feedback


The Replay Swag Store is now open!


To commemorate our launch of the store, we’re giving out five free Replay Poker t-shirts! All you need to do to enter is let us know your feedback on the store. Is there an item you’d like to see, such as playing cards, stickers, or chips? Perhaps you’d like to see one of our existing items in a different color?

Reply to this post with your feedback and we’ll be choosing FIVE players at random to receive a shirt!

Winners will be chosen on the spookiest day of the year, October 31st. I’ll reach out via PM to ask for sizes and addresses.


I like the new store!! A lot of items to chose from! I think adding Replay Poker chips to the store is a great idea!

Also maybe more hats and add Replay Poker jackets!!


Glad to see the store in operation. Would like to see some different style of cap, and possibly grey or black tee shirts. Maybe some long sleeve tee shirts.
Bet it will go over well when the word gets out.

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excellent to see Replay Poker swag. now i can promote my favorite online poker site to all! well done. : )

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A store to get my Replay stuff…great idea for those of us down sick. Lymphoma is tough but you give me a bright spot in the day.

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Cool that’ll work I love playing poker and playing in the tourneys


I would love to see some women’s V-neck shirts. I also like the idea of more colors and long sleeves. Great store.

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nice looking ts ,maybe a few more colors etc ,but very nice

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I’m all for Replay Swag Shop. Gives me an opportunity to bring awareness to other poker players not presently enrolled at Replay Poker. The more players gives us a chance to make more friends and broaden the spectrum of players.


Playing cards would be nice. Perhaps a boxed set of two decks with contrasting back colors (red/blue, brown/green, other/other)?.


New items ? The family vote came out:

  1. Black t-shirts. The ladies would love them with v necks. Possibly also long sleeves. Black hoodies would be nice too. Most of us would prefer the mug and mousepad in black. No, we’re not a family of undertakers. Or bats. Although I’m starting to worry a wee bit.
  2. Carrier bags
  3. Chips, chips, chips.
  4. Playing cards.
  5. A mat would be great.
  6. Coasters for the mugs

That said, we like the t-shirts, hoodies, mousepad and mugs a lot.
We would also like to suggest box sets, possibly for Christmas ?
T-shirt + cap + mug
Mousepad + mug (+ coasters)
And hopefully, someday, cards + chips + mat

Good luck, Replay Store!


I’d love to see bottle/can koozies or sleeves or what ever you may call them.


I would like a Mouse Pad.




Playing cards sound like a good idea.


I certainly like the white T-shirts with the simple logo on the upper left chest. I prefer simple and understatement over large and gaudy. Ialso collect poker and casino coffee cups and like those as well. Playing cards would be great. Thank you.

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I expect Playing cards and poker chips would be popular
but obviously they would get no playback
you could write that on the packs for a fun slogan
very grateful for this site, glad to give feedback.

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Running your store as a Zazzle shop is amateurish at best. The shirts come up as “Predesigned by Replay,” so your prospective customers see that there are other color choices, but that they can’t choose the colors themselves. The customer reviews are of general Zazzle products, not for anything Replay is trying to sell. I think the overall impression is horrible for your company image.

Your shop should be a seamless integration with your site, with the same general look and feel.

The products themselves look pretty good. I would like to see more color choices, but the designs are fine, if limited. Consider running a design contest so you can offer more than just your logo.

That Zazzle implementation though… egad.


very good meets my style

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I looked at your items and I have to say your choice of colors is not good. Baby Blue is kind of wimpy and White…well how long does White stay White for? I think Black or dark blue would have been better choices. Also definitely V-neck or Tank tops should be offered for women. I don’t know what Zazzle is, but if I’m honest with you, I don’t online shop…ever. Even if I saw something I liked. I do like the idea of running a design contest. No…I have no artistic talent, but I’m sure there’s plenty of people that do. It would be fun just to see what they come up with. Even if you couldn’t use it.

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