Suggestions for improving Replay Poker

The one and biggest improvement for this site would be the switch to HTML5. The Flash chat bug is getting on my nerves and make me think of quitting RP for good.

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I don’t have a problem with the system as it is. That of course doesn’t address the concerns of some of the others that have posted here.
Taking zeros away will effect the lower stacks more than the higher stacks. You won’t see anybody with 10,000 chips or 100,000 chips advocating for removing three 0s from everyone’s chip count. In the long run, that won’t change anything. The people with the most chips will still have more than the rest. The better players as well as the players that figure out the system will gain chips faster. People who play RGs will still gain/lose chips at a faster rate than those who play SNGs or MTTs.
Decide what you are really trying address. Is it number of chips or is it quality of play. Changing one will likely not affect the other.

Key thing here, “quality of play”
While I am reading up on how algorithms are created from the programming sense, for on-line poker…
so far my research has been an eye opener. Terminologies like “seeds” of a given for set of numbers, so the program uses these “seed”.for example , 201901210045 That number is a computer clock number and date, can be used by the program for a “seed”, and from there build an algorithm towards a play, the cards we play.
The quality comes down to how this place, or any other for that matter uses this principle, and that is up to the developers. Have they got us in the best as possible way to form the algorithms we are playing, equals quality… ?? The more sophisticated the “seed”, may perhaps enhance a quality play, because it become less predictable by players who understand this.


I get that changing denominations will not affect player quality (and I do not advocate removing any 0s from chip counts because that does not accomplish anything), but I do think that chips become devalued as inflation continues, which makes players less likely to care and promotes bingo play.

Everybody can get 2500 per day or a top up of 500, so tables at those stakes will be full of players just throwing around chips because they are so abundant, but the more that happens the more chips players at higher stakes accumulate (like a food chain) until at some point bingo play reaches the medium stakes (it already has covered it) and the higher stakes. I believe 2 years ago the game at 500/1000 or 2000/4000 was about as “serious” as 10,000/20,000 or 20,000/40,000 is now. Plus, even the 250k/1m mtts have a bunch of bingo players because there are so many chips floating around.

As inflation continues the stakes will continue to grow and maybe at some level player quality will stay the same, but the slog to get out of the bingo-fest will be more difficult and time consuming, and many players may give up. I don’t see the value of grinding stakes I already can beat just to accumulate 500,000,000 more chips to move up to the next level. 20k/40k is the highest stake that is constantly running, and that 500m represents 12,500 big blinds I’d need to win. Even at 50k/100k or 100k/200k, which don’t run as regularly that is 5,000 or 2,500 big blinds. And that is just to get to a decent level for 250,000/500,000, which hardly ever runs and only 30 players can afford.


In mid-2018, I took a break from poker. When I came back - just a few months later - the quality of play at the stakes my bankroll could support had noticeably deteriorated. 100k buy-in tournaments now feature about the same level of play as 15k MTTs from six months ago. That’s a rapid deterioration in the value of chips.

As a result, I’m effectively (double entendre intended) fighting my way through stakes I should have left behind. I’ve recently learned way more from hand analyses in the forums than I have by seeing quality poker in action on the tables. If I’m only able to play a few hours a week, why bother, since that won’t be enough to win the chips needed to even remain at the same level?


Yours is a perfect example of what I mean. For my first few years, I used to play only low and medium stakes sngs and mtts, no ring or stakes over 50k. I must have played hundreds of tournaments. If I try any of those tournaments now, I can’t stand it because most players don’t even seem to be trying. At first I thought I’d just become a better player, but it seems like a change in the perceived value of those stakes is a better reason.

After going on tilt and losing 3/4 of my bankroll, I eventually reached the same rank as before. The only difference? I needed over 200 million more chips to reach the same rank as 6 months earlier. It takes a lot of game time just to tread water with the inflation.


Since when does the 5:45pm 15K satellite pay out chips in addition to tickets? Is this a new thing for all satellites? Adding a prize pool changes things significantly - 75K chips is the same as adding an extra 5 tickets (50% more than advertised).

++Is this a mistake? I see that it shows 6 places should be paid but it paid out 7 spots tonight (6 in tickets + chips and 1 of chips only)

Double-checking on this and will have an updated answer for you tomorrow.

Thanks - I went to look to see if it was the same thing tonight but the results for that game aren’t on the “finished” tournaments list I can view. Here’s another thing that would be nice as an improvement - keep all the tournament results available for viewing for at least 24 hours. It would be nice to be able to see at least 1 result for any given game before signing up to play. It would give people an idea of how many players are expected and what the payouts would look like.

It would be really great if we could see the results for all the finished MTT’s for a longer period of time too. Say you want to see how The Hijack tournament has averaged over time - if you could open a history page with the last X number of results, that would be really cool, IMO. This information wouldn’t need to be in the main lobby but maybe you could set up a “History” function so people could access this information as they wanted to? I’d be interested to see if games were increasing in popularity or not, if some nights of the week had bigger fields than others and all that type of stuff.



Hi Comicguy,

This was a configuration error on my part. There were two payout schedules selected and its corrected now. Thanks for pointing it out.

I will make a note of the tournament history idea. No promises, but perhaps we can find a way to show the recent history of tournaments in a nice way in the tournament Lobby itself.



Thanks Rob. It looked odd to me when I saw it. About the MTT histories, that’s something that would be useful and interesting, at least to me. For instance, if I could see the final results for The Hijack over the past “X” time. I’d be able to tell who plays it regularly, how they seem to do over time and so on. I’d also be able to look at tournaments to see if any weren’t meeting their guarantees on certain nights and all that stuff. I’m not sure if all of that could be worked into the lobby but maybe the past 24-hour thing could be? Nothing essential for sure but I like information and more is always better than less.

Rebalancing tables - was in a MTT with 7 tables consolidating to 6. How do you put 3 of the top 10 stacks (including the 2 biggest) on the same 6-max table? That’s just goofy. Not the 1st time I’ve seen this either.


Satellites to the 100K and 250K MTT’s? Looks like a bunch of new ones were added recently at the 250K buyin. I think it would be cool to have some competitive satellites for them. Satellites are a format I can practice here so I like them regardless of what they’re for but I’d probably use tickets to the bigger games if they were available.

The only suggestion I have is that it would be nice if Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo had different table colors. I often play 2 games at once, and it can get confusing. I have kept good low hands at the wrong table because I forgot to read the table first. A different color for one of them would make it more intuitive.


I would like to see a timer which shows how long a player has sat in on a ring game table. Pehaps place it under their profile pic where there is some space?


How about adding a 75/150 blind level on more of the MTT’s? The jump from 50/100 to 100/200 is too large IMO. When this blind level hits, almost all players are super short stacked suddenly. Big difference going from 40BB to 20BB etc.

I understand that you want the games to go quickly but adding 1 level couldn’t increase times that much could it? I’d even like to see a 2nd 50/100 level, the 1st without antes and the 2nd one with antes. When the new 250K games were added, it looked like they all had more gradual blind level increases but now it looks like most are back to what I guess is “standard” here. I’d just like to see more time to play poker in these games before you get to push/fold territory.


Does anyone know if you can use the 50K tickets for the rebuy and add-on in the Deep and Slow tournament or if you have to use chips for those?

You can use tickets like in the 2.5K and 5K tournaments

Thanks - I know you can use one for the main entry but I was wondering if I could use them for the rebuy and add-on as well.

I have used tickets for re-buys also

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I would like to see the tournament buy-in on the lobby page after the tourny starts.

It lists ID, starting time, number of seats, starting players, current players, etc, but doesn’t say how much it cost to play. I know it’s not hard to figure out, but it should be listed.