Time bank?

Anyone? Don’t you feel the need for a time bank? At least for med/high stakes, where probably other not much time wouldn’t be lost by afk players? I really feel sometimes I just need 10 or 20 extra seconds. I know it’s not real money, but still, imo it would be nice. Would it be difficult to implement, devs?


Well, now Sarah the Malcontent is gonna yell at you and the devs and the mods (and me, as usual) for not merging this with or posting this to the existing thread on time stuff.

I want a time bank. nmhk
Total response time would be less nmhk
and the game would be faster. The biggest asdfg
slowdown in games is caused by a few players that always bnmbnm
use all their clock/and or playing many tables.


With a timebank i’ve time to grab a cup of coffee during the play :slight_smile:

But it is very annoying when 2 or 3 players are doing that, their turn can be their whole timebank (often 1 min). Can slow down very much.

No we do not need a time bank they only take advantage of it No one needs that amount of time to make up there mind If they want to take that much time they should have difference tables for the slow thinkers either your in or your out either you bet or fold very simple ENJOY THE GAME AT A SHORTER TIME PACE

I would like to see an optional timebank added to the tables, I feel like implementing this would be quite easy and specially for the highstakes this can be so important. When i make decissions for 100m+ chips worth a lot of money i think a timebank is needed at times.
Part of the fun in poker is being in tough spots some extra time can help here.
Also when playing for big money a option to run it twice could be very helpfull.

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I can handle a lot, but the 20 sec timer is far too long, especially with the aggressive blinds schedule.
In almost every tourney there are always the players who let it run down every chance they can, its selfish and against the rules.
Shorten the timer, but add a time bank for the tougher calls.
My personal suggestion would be a replenishing bank that starts at 10 secs, but call fill to 15 secs. Every time an auto call or auto fold is clicked, 1 sec is added to bank.

There are zero 1 minute clocks on Replay

it’s not simple and that’s not how poker works

This is interesting to me, sounds kind of cool but I wonder if it would replenish the time bank too quickly. I use the auto fold a ton, never the auto call though. Most real money sites give you back once second for every minute of game play unless I’m mistaken.