Tournament Idea

I Have an idea for a tournament I would certainly play in.
It’s needs to be a NL hold em tourney.
This idea comes from the fact I don’t much like the early part of the game.
The buy in would be at least 250k, and starting chips would be 5k.
My idea mostly has to do with the blind schedule.

The BB would start at 100, with a 10 chip ante.
Every 12 minutes, that’s 12, the blinds would go up, thus the BB would be at 1000 12 minutes before the break, which would be after one hour.
This would be great since the early part of the game tends to be annoying for me, we could get into some real betting right off the bat.
Thanks for looking, have a good day.

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Part of the beauty of this idea is that the blinds would slow down a bit after the break, which I would also appreciate!
See you at the tables.

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@TheKnutts , you can start a new league and make it happen.

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Play some million dollar tournaments. Now that should be exciting for you.

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Interesting concept. I rarely play MTT & SnG but a good name for this game might be slow action.

I feel the same way. I’m not an MTT/SnG player but early game is the weakest part of my game so I’m slightly +EV early game. I’m not giving away my chips early game but I’m not exploiting & profiting either - so the first 15 mins or so usually feels fairly stagnant & slow. The start is just NITTING a scarf or beanie, surviving & running into a little luck where possible.

At 250K buy in you are targeting a very limited player pool. Starting with 50BB with slow structure is IMO a “less popular” game that some might like. The idea reminds me of the “flip and go” poker concept from cash poker sites. I say less popular which doesn’t mean that some might love it.

On RP MTTs & SnGs are mostly fairly fast/turbo starting with a decent stack - some even fairly deep stacked, which is strange IMO. Why start with a decent stack and force the action so quickly?

I occasionally play MTTs with friends, but most are too turbo for my liking. I’m happy with 8min levels but its hard to find a good game at the lower stakes games & yes the starting stack size is maybe too deep, and then deff too quickly shallow.

I played a SNG 250K 6MAX a few days ago & the last 20 or 15 mins felt like a crap shoot. I ended up 2nd but could have easily have finished 4th or 1st.

The game structure, timing blinds and antes is deff evolving in poker. Finding the right balance and discussing ideas and concepts is important to create the best game possible for everyone.


I appreciate your reply.
Certainly the buy in could be less than 250k, I just don’t want to play a tourney that’s less than a 100k buy in.
Indeed the early is too slow for me, might as well take a nap, lol, then later in the game the blinds are too fast and it becomes a crapshoot like you said. Guess that’s why I had this idea, kinda skipping the early part of the game, but slowing it down later in the game. I think this structure might be worth a shot, but I’m not likely to start a league to try it.
Have a great day.

Thanks Craig.
I actually do play million dollar tourneys sometimes.
Once in a while I’ll even play in the 2.5 mil Saturday Special tourney.
I’ve played in 5 mil tourney’s 2/3 times, learned my lesson that those are too high of a buy in with my current bankroll, perhaps if my bankroll exceeds 100 mil sometime I’ll give those a shot again.

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I appreciate the thought about a league, but I’m not likely do do that.
Doesn’t one have to have a premium membership to form a league, or am I wrong?

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Hi The Knutts,
You do not have to be a premium member to form your own league, providing you can recruit enough members.
Hope this helps


Thanks for the info grapevine.
I doubt I’ll try to form a league, hoping perhaps Replay would try it with their MTT schedule.

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I put more thought into my MTT idea and came up with an improvement, least I think.

Blinds would still go up every 12 minutes with the BB starting at 100 and 10 ante.
The raise in the BB would go to 200, 300, 400 then 600 12 minutes before the break.
After the break it would follow 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000.

Starting chips would be 7500, not 5000, giving players a little more flexibility in the early game.
That would also add more chips to the game so there’d be more chips on the final table perhaps making it a little less of a crapshoot.

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Pushing out suggestions & ideas as you are, reminds me of the new BB ante that has become popular.

Looking back on the Hustler 1M game was a little bit of a learning curve. Sessions 1 & 2 felt a little slow & boring to me. Maybe that’s just partly random or players involved or the structure but probably more likely a combination of everything. In any case it seemed like Tom Dwan had a good idea to add the extra ante, to drive more action and it seemed to work. The straddle doesnt always seem to be as effective as we could/should expect etc.

I find it interesting that Tom Dwan had the idea - during playing too!!! - that clearly improved the game, and yet the game runners like Ryan Feldman and just shooting from the hip. I guess the point is blinds, antes and structure is a difficult thing to balance and create the best game even for the experts like Hustler (Ryan Feldman) & RP etc.

Again I deff agree the start of MTT is a little slow. Maybe you can join a League and have input on MTT & structure etc. Probably the Donks would be the best, considering the stakes you are wanting to play. Unfortunately I think RP will only change things if they feel it significantly benefits RP.

I’ve looked at some MTTs on RP and some structures look quite ridiculous and its too difficult to find a decent MTT worth playing at lower stakes IMO.

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I appreciate your feedback.
I think it would be refreshing if RP would try some new blind structures.

Yeah, the early game in MTT’s is deff slow, sometimes I wait joining until time is nearly up just to avoid it a bit.
Premium hands early on are often frusturating for me, always hoping I’ll get them later.
If I raise say 5x the blind, then I get callers with garbage that wind up winning a lot.
Monster raise, everybody folds and you win very little.
I suppose just calling or min raise is the way to play it, play the hand out, see how it goes, then put the hammer down on the river if you feel you’ve the best hand.
Then once at the final table, the blinds are often so large that I feel it takes some of the fun and skill out of it as well.

Again, it sure would be nice and refreshing if Replay would try some new blind structures!
Have a nice day.

It’s designed to challenge the player on quick thinking and adds to the skill level even more. After all it the “ Final Table “

I suppose you’re right.
I guess I was thinking when you’re one of the low stacks, it’d be nice to have a few more blinds available within your stack. Usually you’re pretty much faced with an all or nothing situation.