Suggestions for improving Replay Poker

I normally don’t make posts, but I thought I’d just list a few features I wish was on this site and would really improve the experience. Please feel free to leave other improvements or saying how stupid my ideas are lol. By the way I’m a huge MTT player but not really cash games or SnG’s so these will mainly be focussed on the MTT’s. Sorry cash game grinders!

  1. Time Bank:
    In a tournament, one of my favourite things is going all in as a bluff as watching that player’s shot clock slowly fill up. Not so fun when it happens to me, so my idea is a time bank. When you’ve used 3/4 of your time, a little button will pop up saying “Activate time bank”. This will give you an extra x amount of seconds and will refresh. I personally think it should be a full shot clock as your time bank and refresh every 5/6 levels, but not carry over.

  2. Chip chop:
    If any of you have watched an EPT final table, they almost always end up in doing a chip chop. They take up the remaining cash in the prize pool and split it based off of the players % of chips in play. e.g. if using direct numbers, if there is 30m total chips in play and Player X has 15m with 3 players left and the total prize pool left is 10 million (Unrealistic as it may seem, this is all for the ease of maths), Player X’s score would be 15m/30m * 10m = 0.5*10m = 5m, so he would earn 5m no matter the outcome of him winning or busting the very next hand… My idea is at the final table, with 4 or less left, a little box pops up saying ‘Make a deal (0/X amount of players)’. If all players agree, their payout based on chips would show up into chat. When it says the numbers, players must type ‘I agree’ and if all agree, that’s what happens. If not, they play on for the set payouts.

  3. Trophies/Bracelets:
    A small thing I know, but I feel if you endure a field of 200 or so players, you should deserve a trophy or bracelet of the tourney name, so when players scout your profile, you can strike fear. Or gloat to everyone about it. Whatever the purpose, would be a cool little feature. A couple apps I play let you equip your bracelet/ring you win and place it next to your name and chip count. This would be a great feature.

Replay if you read this please consider these, this would put the site ahead of all sites out there like pokerstars and could seriously increase awareness of your site and brand. Or reply to this thread laughing at my stupid ideas. Either way, it would be great to know it’s been read and at least looked at and thought about. Thanks. Anyone else has any suggestions please leave in comments, will be great to hear everyone’s opinions.

  • RunBadReaper

Edit: Received a message from a member of staff today saying these ideas will be brought up in their next staff meeting in August. Thank you everyone for the likes and replies and improving on my ideas and ultimately letting the staff know, seeing at least one of these features on this site would be brilliant.


Very good suggestions. I’m In favor of a time bank. I also like the idea for trophy’s / bracelets.

  • time bank would be great without doubt!

  • as for the bracelet. i would also like this idea, but i also like to add something to it. while it’s obviously not easy to beat hundred players and become first. within years, there would probably a lot of players that have one of them. of course you could add a number to it, like a 2 means he won it twice, but there is not much fun in that. besides of that, there are not only tourneys with hundred(s) of players, but even more with (much) less. which means the amount will pile up quite quickly.
    so the solution to this, with addition to make it even more fun is to combine it with with a material like this:
    wins x1: bronze bracelet
    wins x3: silver bracelet
    wins x10: gold bracelet
    wins x25: platinum bracelet (optional)
    wins x100: diamond bracelet (optional)
    the reason why i put optional to the 4th and 5th one is because it would be extremely hard and takes a lot of time to win 25 times and especcialy 100 times. but it can be fun to use it to be able to keep chasing them.

This is a good improvement on my idea, if it were to be implemented I would prefer your idea

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Greetings Mr. Reaper, Mr. Yiaz, and of course my wonderful Replay Family,

Once you get all the bracelets Mr. Yiaz, Then what do you get for them ? ? I mean how do you cash them out ? Chips ? High Roller tournaments just for bracelet winners with big chip prizes? I’m excited about where you’re taking this…:sunglasses:

i assume they are meant like trophies. when you get the first price you already have a huge chip price, so adding additional chips for it is like enlarging the first price.

using them as ticket for a special tourney can be done of course. but to make this usable and fun, the best idea is something like unlocking stuff here an example:
special tourney 1: 2 bronze bracelets required buy-in 10K
special tourney 2: 1 silver bracelet required buy-in 250K
special tourney 3: 5 gold bracelets required buy-in 100K
special tourney 4: 1 platinum bracelet required buy-in 1M

of course this is just an example. but this would be a way to give them an additional use.
but in general the bracelets are meant as trophy and are purely meant in the same way you would win a trophy in real life.
so just take this as a side idea. since being able to win trophies for the honor is already a fun thing to do :slight_smile:.

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There are some good suggestions here… I like the Bracelets idea and also the time bank.

Great comments… keep 'em coming :wink:

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These ideas have been passed around for years and the answer from the top was no prizes ( cash or trinkets) period.

I don’t understand it. There is so much more to be implemented for improvement that is why I’m being encouraged by many here to partner with Paul
aka Mr. Replay for a sister site , take a staff position here if offered or go it on my own and offer something different.

Change is good and healthy for a poker community.
You just have to think outside the box.

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My initial idea was to mainly use them as mementos or by winning a certain amount of bracelets in a month, you get entered into a freeroll or satellite. I think this rewards players larger for outlasting up to 250 players in a MTT in some cases. I agree with yiazmat that being able to trade them in would basically be giving extra money for 1st. My idea is we have a monthly tourney where it costs 25k to enter or you can enter for free by using on of your bracelets.

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can you explain what you mean by no cash or trinkets period?

Yes of course.

No cash or gifts given for awards or rewards, just tickets and chips.

Oh, yeh that would seem to be a given. I just added it as I would feel if would be cool to have memorabilia of when you conquered a MTT tourney, I’ve only one one as I have the worst luck I think I’ve ever seen anyone have, but in the end it makes it that bit more sweet when you win, and the trophies was just to remember your wins, and also a little extra incentive to play properly and try

Craig know how to make free gifts for best players. Please visit our topic “Paul (Mr. Replay) and Craig_Anthony should be partners” . Thank you .

your site suck ever time I have a good winning hand you put me off line I

Try closing the main lobby, it helps.

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Wow, that was a brilliant suggestion to improve the site! LOL
All kidding aside, you can’t really think that RP purposely kicks you out as soon as you have a winning hand! Could it depend on your connection? The first time I played here I had the same problems every other day. Disconnections, bad lag that made me run out of time etc. I used to open RP with AOL, then I tried with Google Chrome, and poof… all troubles disappeared.

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Why is it you don’t even have to say any thing and 6-8-10 red lines come up please do no flood the chat Today I had a hand of 4 duce but fold right off than 3 came up I waited for the game to get over before I posted but be for I posted the 4 duce they splashed the don’t flood the chat 6-8 lines what is the chat for if we cant chat Funny I am the only one to get it and we all chat One of the players ask me if I was getting yelled at I said yes he could not understand that either I now let replay read what I have to say than delete it that is why I never flood the chat

I would like to have a one click way to save a hand that you want to save. Store them in your profile for future viewing. they can be browsed by others viewing your profile. A collection of tourneys and where you place should be there along with a favorite quote, favorite movie, etc… Profile expansion is ripe with opportunity.

How about if top tier players can host their own event. they can set the type of tourney (royal, or Omaha) and invite friends or make them open. I think if mods or staff play regularly in any game, then a badge for beating them in a showdown should be created. Lots of mod play = lots of badges and a whole catagory.

Players should be able to create their own favorite hand and record the results when they play with or against that pair. Perhaps for a small cost. And speaking of cost, t shirts for Replay are cool, and shirts for winning an event custom made for a price would be even better. If there were an event that real money were needed for entry and a real shirt were the prize.

how about a way to show what the river would have been to folding players after someone wins going all in on the turn.


This is just a minor thing, but I’d like to suggest it anyway. During a game. all players can chat, but we have the ability to individually mute them if we choose to. I’m a friendly player who likes to chat and I almost never use this option.
But, I would like the ability to mute the chat of spectators/players that are not currently in a game. Now and then, people will spam the chat boxes, occasionally using all caps, or objectionable language. There is nothing we can do to stop them, other than reporting them after the fact. But I don’t like doing that, and it doesn’t solve the problem at the moment it’s occurring. IMO- The better option would be the ability to just mute them individually.


TOTALLY AGREE ON THIS LOL…just kidding with he caps. Having that option to mute players watching the game is a great idea lefty…also wish i could tag players instaed of friend requesting,think being able to “tag” a player or friending a player are both good. With tagging you can find a person you might like to friend but gives you time to find them first and play a bit more before friend requesting…sometimes a person you friended turns out to be someone you wish you hadn’t and if you remove the request hard feelings occurs…just a thought.Gl at tables